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Newsletter Committee
Jan. 4, 2011  1:30-3:15pm by DimDim (Virtual Meeting)

  1. Minutes of the Annual 2010 meeting were approved.
  2. Allan gave the Treasury report with $2220.70 funds remaining. The MSExcel report was circulated to the committee. Jon Giullian agreed to open an account and transfer the funds there. Heygine will act as backup (to be confirmed) on the account. Jon will research the best options for the account, possibly using an online bank. Sandra will ask Univ. of Illinois if they would want the treasury archive, since they have the ALA archive. Also, this will be discussed at the Exec. committee. A decision needs to be made before June 2011. (
  3. Section reports:
    • Jean – News from US and Canada
    • Kay -- News from Abroad
    • Sandra – Message from chair
    • Mark – Transitions
    • Masha -- Acquisitions
    • Jason -- Bibliography
    • Elizabeth – Library in Profile (St. Vladimir's Seminary?)
    • Anna – Managing editor
    It was decided to keep Sections as is during the transitional period. However, there was some discussion as what new sections could be added to the website, possibly one on jobs and internships. While we may not need a cover anymore, some thought keeping an image would be nice, possibly an image related to the Library in Profile.
  4. Website creation: A basic website has been created in Weebly ( with the login and password seesnl. It follows the basic pattern of the newsletter with a link to the previous issues and as well a contact section. Discussion followed about the need to buy our own domain name and publish by June 2011. Jon brought up the possibility of paying for a SEES website more generally, which was agreed needed to be discussed at the Exec. committee. Each section editor could add their section to the website. Please send any feedback to Kay Sinnema ( about the website. The posting of the pdf version to the online archive would also take place in June 2011. (
  5. Deadlines: Since we no longer have to send the file to the printer by April 1st, we decided to push back the deadlines. Section editors should have their sections to Anna by March 31st and Anna will have the compiled newsletter ready by April 25th. That would give us time to review and post material in May. Kay will send out the standard email asking for submissions in January.
  6. DimDim: The free version of DimDim is limited, so to keep features we would need to buy a subscription. Since we only use the chat feature, there may not be a need to buy. Kay will ask Adam, our ALA/ACRL representative about why ALA prefers DimDim and what is their policy about paying for a subscription.
  7. Last updated February 9, 2011