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Automated Bibliographic Control Committee
June 24, 2006

Present: Brenda Carter (Pittsburgh), Diana Brooking (Washington), Jackie Byrd (Indiana), Carl Horne (Indiana), Jared Ingersoll (Columbia), Tim Larson (Indiana), Sandra Levy (Chicago), Dan Pennell (Pittsburgh), Emily Rey (Yale), Brad Schaffner (Harvard), Kay Sinnema (Library of Congress), Andy Spencer (Wisconsin), Natalie Sommerville (Duke), David Woodruff (Getty Research Institute), Cathy Zeljak (George Washington)

  • Minutes: Minutes of the virtual meeting held in advance of the San Antonio Midwinter 2006 conference were approved as submitted, with the correction of the spelling of Brad Schaffner's name in the list of participants.
  • Letter to PCC or CPSO Regarding Cataloging in Vernacular Scripts: Brenda Carter distributed a draft of a letter calling for standardization in vernacular parallel fields for name headings in bibliographic records. In the discussion that followed, a number of points were made, including:
    • Should the letter be limited to name headings, or should we be asking for standardization for vernacular parallel fields in general?
    • Should the letter propose a solution?
    • There was a discussion of the macro used by the University of Wisconsin to provide Cyrillic parallel fields for their Russian records programmatically.
    ABC will finalize the letter and send it out.
  • Report on RDA from CC:DA: The CC:DA representative was not present for the ABC meeting, as the CC:DA meeting conflicted with the ABC meeting. Diana Brooking reported that the next part of RDA is now available for comment..
  • Slavic Cataloging Manual: As planned, Brenda sent an email to the slavlibs listserv requesting that readers of that listserv send any corrections or suggestions for the Slavic Cataloging Manual to Jackie Byrd. No suggestions or corrections were received. Volunteers were requested from ABC members to monitor the manual, and Diana, Emily, Kay, Tim, and Carl volunteered. Jackie will encode any changes decided on.
  • Suggestions for New Projects and Other Business:
    • Montenegro: Developments in Montenegro may require changes to the Slavic Cataloging Manual
    • RDA: Which areas will we need Slavic-specific areas for? Will we want to overhaul the cataloging manual for RDA?
  • New ABC Chair: Diana Brooking agreed to become the new chair of ABC.

Submitted by Jackie Byrd

Last updated 7/12/06