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Automated Bibliographic Control Committee
June 24, 2007

Present: Diana Brooking (Washington), Jackie Byrd (Indiana), Angela Cannon (Library of Congress), Brenda Carter (Pittsburgh), Tatyana Chubaryan (Texas A&M), Inna Gudanets (Stanford), Carl Horne (Indiana), Sandra Levy (Chicago), Terri Miller (Michigan State), Liladhar Pendse (UCLA), Emily Ray (Yale), Brad Schaffner (Harvard), Kay Sinnema (Library of Congress), Masha Stepanova (Miami), Andy Spencer (Wisconsin)

  • Minutes: Minutes of the January 2007 Mid-Winter Automated Bibliographic Control Committee meeting were approved as submitted.
  • Slavic Cataloging Manual Maintenance: Diana Brooking led a discussion on the maintenance of the Slavic Cataloging Manual. Among the issues discussed were:
    • Jackie Byrd had provided Diana with examples of how to give Jackie the needed information if someone wanted an entire manual page replaced or if someone wanted to have part of a page changed. Diana distributed copies of the examples to the committee.
    • Recent changes to the subject headings for Serbia and Montenegro was discussed. Jackie will look for a new map to be used for the manual, and Inna will provide members of ABC with revised text to review. It was suggested that the manual could just use the LC text from H1065, but it was decided to maintain the current manual format.
    • Assignment for the review of the manual by ABC are:
      Subjects: Inna Gudanets
      MARC tagging: Kay Sinnema
      Classification: Emily Ray
      Authorities: Diana Brooking
      Description: Brenda Carter
    • Jackie had provided Diana with some user statistics for the Slavic Cataloging Manual, and Diana led a discussion of these.
    • Diana requested that straightforward changes to the manual could go directly to Jackie, but that more substantial changes go first to ABC to discuss.
  • Current Cataloging Issues: Diana led a discussion on current important cataloging issues, including:
    • Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control ( Comments included:
      • Is this an outgrowth of the reaction to LC's series treatment decision?
      • The group is getting input from outside groups.
      • The group has held 2 public meetings, one focused on user needs and one on standards and structures. A third meeting is planned for July on the economics of cataloging.
    • Pre-Coordinated vs. Post-Coordinated Subject Headings: A discussion of this topic included these issues:
      • There is currently no system available that will support post-coordinated subject headings.
      • This was discussed at the ACRL Section Council, but no recommendation was made.
      • There are factions at LC opposed to changes like this and the series treatment decision.
      • This approach is easier to use, but the user's results are not as good.
    • Encoding Level 7 Records from LC: It was asked whether LC was inputting new minimal level cataloging records for Slavic and East European language materials. It was unclear whether or not this was the case, but upgrading of any such records was encouraged.

    Submitted by Jackie Byrd

    Last updated July 27, 2007