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Automated Bibliographic Control Committee
June 28, 2008

Present: Diana Brooking (Washington), Jackie Byrd (Indiana), Jon Giullian (Kansas), Carl Horne (Indiana), Sandra Levy (Chicago), Tatiana Lorkovic (Yale), Svetlana Pavlova (HCL), Liladhar Pendse (UCLA), Emily Ray (Vassar), Andy Spencer (Wisconsin), Larisa Walsh (Chicago)

Minutes: The minutes of the January 2008 meeting were approved as submitted.

Non-Latin Scripts in Name Authority Records: Diana reported that OCLC expects that non-Latin 4xx references and some 6xx fields can be added to LCNH records beginning July 13th. Several issues will still need to be decided, e.g. whether qualifiers would be in Latin or non-Latin script. An FAQ addresses some of these issues: There is also a "white paper" discussing several issues: Diana led a discussion on what libraries are doing about getting updated NARs into their systems and how ILS's will handle references that are also headings (paired) on a bib. There were also questions on how the non-Latin references will be indexed.

Cyrillic in LC records: Diana reported that LC will begin adding parallel fields for Cyrillic records by the end of the summer, using an interim policy until PCC develops a national policy. It was decided to add links to policies for individual libraries on the Slavic Cataloging Manual until the PCC policy is available. A question was raised about whether the PCC policy will be script-specific, inclusive of all scripts, or divided into left-to-right and right-to-left policies. An issue was raised about LC taking the time to add Cyrillic script fields while cutting back on quality/completeness of cataloging. It was thought that maybe macros would limit the time spent adding Cyrillic fields.

Slavic Cataloging Manual: Changes have been made to the manual to account for Kosovo's independence. A review of the descriptive cataloging section of the manual has been done by Kay Sinema. Andy Spencer will look at it again. Inna Gudanets reviewed the section on subjects. Emily Ray is reviewing the section on classification. Diana Brooking is reviewing the authorities section, and Carl Horne volunteered to look at this section as well.

CC:DA: SEES members should let Diana Brooking know if they want to receive information from the CC:DA. Diana maintains a distribution list and is willing to add interested members. There was an RDA update forum held during the conference, as well as programs on RDA/FRBR. Currently work is being done to code the RDA documentation into XML for online publishing for review, with a mid-July goal for completion. A review of RDA is expected to begin in August, with comments due in September. RDA is expected to be published in 2009. However, the Implementation Task Force is just the beginning. There will also be testing by several libraries on the cost effectiveness of RDA compared to AACR2, as well as on which process best serves patrons. Time will also be needed for OCLC programming and then ILS vendor programming.

OCLC: OCLC is in the process of programmatically controlling personal name headings on existing WorldCat bibliographic records and will periodically control the headings on new records. At the Enhance session OCLC asked about allowing all users to change/replace a master record. It is not clear whether this would include PCC/BIBCO records. The possible impact on credits was a concern.

Submitted by Jackie Byrd

Last updated July 28, 2008