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Executive Committee
June 24, 2007

Present: Brad Schaffner (Harvard), Janis Bandelin (ACRL), Diana Brooking (Washington), Adam Burling (ACRL), Jackie Byrd (Indiana), Inna Gudanets (Stanford), Sandra Levy (Chicago), Terri Miller (Michigan State), Kimberly Peach (Library of Congress), Liladhar Pendse (UCLA), Emily Ray (Yale), Kay Sinnema (Library of Congress), Andy Spencer (Wisconsin)

  • ACRL Board Liaison Report: Janis Bandelin gave a report from the ACRL Board, including:
    • Board Business:
      • Environmental scans are normally done each summer, but they are not being done this summer.
      • Action Plans are due July 15th.
      • Section reports are read; Janis noted the fact that SEES Chair contacts new members and the work done on the Slavic Cataloging Manual
    • Proposals Forum:
      • Interest Groups: Janis reported on a proposal to add Interest Groups (IGs) to ACRL, so that the Division would include Sections, Discussion Groups, and IGs. The Board feels that IGs would allow ACRL members to "find a home" in the division if none of the current ACRL subgroups meet their needs. The creation of an IG would require 25 signatures, and an IG would:
        • Have a chair and a vice-chair
        • Do programs
        • Be included in the Section Council
        • Not have a newsletter
        Janice reported that ACRL will have a Pilot for IGs. The ACRL Board would have to approve the proposal twice and then it would go on the ballot for members.
      • ACRL Dues: Janis reported on a proposal to change the bylaws to make ACRL dues increases less cumbersome. Currently an increase in dues requires a vote by the members. The proposal would allow the Board to raise the dues without a member vote, but the increase could not exceed the CPI (Consumer Price Index). The change to the bylaws would require a membership vote. Comments from SEES included:
        • Some people feared that the dues would be raised too often.
        • Some people felt that the dues are too high now.
        • ACRL dues are comparable to other ALA Divisions, but more than some other organizations.
        • It's a bad idea to make this proposal so soon after such a substantial increase in dues.
      • Nomination Process for ACRL Board: Janis reported on a proposal to adopt a broader and more democratic nomination process for the ACRL Board. The goal is to have a single Nomination Committee replace the six different nominating committees that now exist. The Board can vote on this without taking it to the membership.
      • Executive Committee Meeting Time: It was asked whether the SEES Executive Committee meeting still cannot conflict with the ACRL Board Meeting. It was determined that the two groups could meet at the same time, but that this may mean that the Board Liaison to SEES could not attend the Executive Committee meeting.
      • Other ACRL Issues:
        • Adam Burling from ACRL reported that SEES has $750 available in basic services funding, but that it needs to be requested by August 15th.
        • Andy Spencer reported that he attended the two ACRL 101 events. At the first event he had the opportunity to speak with librarians interested in SEES, but the second event ran too long to allow for networking.
        • Andy also reported that ALA's committee term limitations were discussed at Section Council. It is a problem for some smaller sections, including SEES. Andy requested that ACRL take the issue to ALA. Adam Burling said that he can be flexible with term limitations if SEES brings it to his attention.
        • Andy reported on problems with the volunteer system.
      • January 2007 Minutes: The minutes of the Seattle Mid-Winter meeting were approved as submitted.
      • SEES Elections: The results of the recent SEES elections are:
        Chair: Andy Spencer
        Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Terri Miller
        Secretary: Jackie Byrd
      • Committee Reports:
        • Nominating Committee: Chair Sandra Levy reported that the committee met to review deadlines and discuss possible candidates.
        • Newsletter Committee: Chair Terri Miller reported that the committee met to discuss the generosity of ACRL, the format of the Newsletter, and the digitization of the Newsletter.
        • ABC Committee: Chair Diana Brooking reported that the committee met to discuss the maintenance of the Slavic Cataloging Manual and current cataloging issues.
        • Access and Preservation Committee: Co-Chair Brad Schaffner reported that the committee heard a report from Janice Pilch on the status of the Section 108 copyright law revision.
      • Membership Issues:
        • Current Statistics: Brad Schaffner reported that we currently have 210 personal members in SEES, up form 190 last year. The number of people leaving the section is fewer than the number of people joining the section. Brad reported that most of the members leaving the section are retiring or leaving the profession.
        • Membership Brochure: Brad Schaffner reported that the new SEES brochure is printed and also available on the SEES website.
      • 2009 Program: Andy Spencer reported that, if SEES wants a program for the 2009 Annual Conference, our deadlines are:
        • A Planning Committee is needed by Oct. 2007.
        • A program proposal is due by May 1st, 2008.
        • A program budget is due by May 2nd, 2008.
      • 2007 Program: Brad Schaffner reminded those in attendance that SEES is co-sponsoring with WESS a program on Monday, June 25th (10:30-12:30 in Room 101 of the Washington Convention Center). The title of the program is "The European Union Today: Forging European" and includes the following speakers:
        • The Honorable John Bruton, Ambassador of the European Union to the USA
        • Kathleen McNamara, Associate Professor of Government and International Relations, Georgetown University
        • Arend Kuster, European Business Manager, Publishers Communications Group, Inc.
      • Mentoring: Brad Schaffner reminded the group of the role SEES can play in mentoring new librarians in the field of Slavic librarianship, helping new librarians in the profession or in scholarship.
      • ALA Emerging Leaders: Brad Schaffner reported on a new program for librarians who are under 35 years of age and/or who have fewer than 5 years of post-M.L.S. experience.

      Submitted by Jackie Byrd

      Last updated July 27, 2007