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Executive Committee
June 28, 2008

Present: Andy Spencer (Wisconsin), Diana Brooking (Washington), Adam Burling (ACRL), Jackie Byrd (Indiana), Jon Giullian (Kansas), Carl Horne (Indiana), Barbara Krupa (Stanford), Sandra Levy (Chicago), Tatiana Lorkovic (Yale), Terri Miller (Michigan State), Svetlana Pavlova (HCL), Liladhar Pendse (UCLA), Emily Ray (Vassar), Brad Schaffner (Harvard), Larisa Walsh (Chicago)

Minutes: The minutes of the January 2008 meeting were approved as submitted.

ACRL Liaison: Adam Burling announced that: "ALA is launching its new website on Aug. 1st. "ALA Connect will be working with virtual communities. Phase 1 will be in place in the Fall, and Phase 2 in the Spring. Phase 2 will include professional networking for job resumes. In response to questions, Adam reported:

  • ALA will not supply software for virtual meetings
  • Any virtual meeting must be outside of the ALA conference dates
  • Committees meeting virtually must reconfirm decisions made at the virtual meeting when the group meets face-to-face
  • An announcement of a virtual meeting must be posted to the ALA website
  • Highlights of a virtual meeting are to be sent out within 30 days after the meeting
  • ALA timeslots will change for programs. The Annual Conference will end on Tuesday, instead of Wednesday.
  • A change from Bylaws to Polices & Procedures was approved, allowing sections to make minor changes without a vote.

Programs: SEES is co-sponsoring a WESS Program in this conference. It was decided earlier that SEES would not sponsor a program in 2009. At the 2008 Mid-Winter meetings SEES discussed a couple of ideas for a 2010 program, including:

  • Various aspects of Unicode implementation, multi-lingual access, RDA, and/or vernacular scripts in authorities
  • The state of Slavic collection development budgets, how to cope with decreases in the budgets, and/or academic trends in general
May 1st, 2009 is the deadline for proposing programs in 2010. A chair for the Program Committee would need to be appointed by October, 2008. This will be further discussed via email. If anyone is interested in chairing the Program Committee, (s)he should let Terri know.

Committee Reports:

  • Newsletter: Terri Miller announced that Sandra Levy and Kay Sinema would be co-editors of the Newsletter next year, and Anna Shparberg will be the managing editor. Terri also reported on the digitization of issues 1-23 of the Newsletter.

  • Automated Bibliographic Control: Diana Brooking reported on:
    • The introduction of non-Latin references and some 6xx fields in OCLC LCNH records beginning in mid-July
    • LC 's plan to begin including Cyrillic script fields in bibliographic records, using an interim policy
    • The plan to provide links in the Slavic Cataloging Manual for local policies on non-Latin fields in bibliographic records
    • ABC plans for the maintenance of the manual
    • RDA progress
  • Access & Preservation: Brad Schaffner reported on:

    • A possible transition for the SEES webpage
    • The A&P Survey on the state of Slavic collections
    • The International Relations Committee: Brad will chair the Eurasian sub-committee. SEES members should let Brad know if they are interested in serving on the sub-committee. Beverly Lynch, IRC chair, would like more cooperation between SEES and International Relations.

Membership Report: Andy Spencer reported that SEES has a net gain of 2 members. There has been lots of movement in and out of the section, but SEES finished close to where it started.

ACRL Leadership Council: Andy reported on new rules & regulations about scheduling meetings -- only 50% of meeting can be between 10-4. However, this is for all of ACRL, not just SEES, so we may not be affected. Adam Burling doesn't think that there will be a problem for SEES.

ACRL Section Council: Andy reported on the change from bylaws to new governance procedures. The intent of this is to allow sections to make internal organizational changes without going to ACRL Board for a vote. The Executive Committee can now make changes and send the modified document to ACRL. There is a template for the new document, and data can be pasted from bylaws into new document. Andy will create this document for SEES. Adam requested that this be done by mid-winter.

ACRL Board Liaison: Janis Bandelin, SEES ACRL Board Liaison, was unable to attend the meeting. Andy reported on a discussion with Janis on the Action Plan that has been re-done several times without being funded - SEES will not re-submit this action plan. Andy and Janis also discussed the possibility of a liaison with AAASS as an Action Plan. Similar proposals have been funded for other sections, and Janis will report back to Andy and Terri on the details of these successful plans. An Action Plan proposed now would not go into affect until 2010 - Michael Brewer would be in his last year of chair of B&D in 2010. Janis thought that the ACRL Board would be more comfortable going through the AAASS Board, not B&D. SEES members felt that B&D was the most appropriate group with which to work on this. There was a discussion of whether the liaison would attend the closed B&D Committee members.

There is also the more formal Council of Liaisons funding, but this would require the liaison to be a member of both SEES and B&D. It was decided that SEES will try this as an Action Plan directly with B&D, not the AAASS Board. The application will make it clear why the AAASS Board should not be involved.

SEES WIKI: Adam reported that Jon Stahler, the ACRL web manager, will help any section transfer from a traditional website to a WIKI. He suggested that it is probably best to have both going at once until we can evaluate the WIKI format. SEES would still need to upload documents, permanent links, etc. The WIKI is open source, and anyone could access and change data. SEES could also use the ACRL traditional website and move everything to the ACRL site. SEES would need to appoint a web manager to work with Jon Stahler. Virtual training for the ACRL website is available.

New Business: Terri Miller reported on problems of finding candidates to run for SEES offices. She questioned how much longer we can survive as an independent section. A general discussion identified several issues, including:

  • Should SEES join WESS?
  • Should SEES be a discussion group?
  • Do we need SEES with B&D and AAASS?
  • SEES offers important national service opportunities for untenured librarians.
  • SEES used to be more focused on cataloging. Would a Slavic Cataloging discussion group or committee under WESS and/or ALCTS be easier/better?
  • There are 650 members in WESS and 200 in SEES, with some overlap.
  • Would WESS change its name, if SEES joined it?
  • We may lose the Newsletter.
  • How much of SEES's organization could be imported into WESS? How would members be transitioned?
  • Should the issue go on a ballot, if we decide to move to WESS? Details would have to be worked out before going to a vote.
  • Would SEES members switch to AAASS if SEES didn't exist?
  • Terri will investigate options as incoming chair.

Submitted by Jackie Byrd

Last updated July 28, 2008