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Executive Committee
July 11, 2009

Present: Diana Brooking (Washington), Larisa Walsh (Chicago), Andy Spencer (Wisconsin-Madison), Terri Miller (Michigan State), Jon Giullian (Kansas), Liladhar Pendse (UCLA) Sandra Levy (Chicago), Heghine Hakobyan (Oregon), Brad Schaffner (Harvard), Tatyana Chubaryan (Texas A&M), Adam Burling (ACRL)

Minutes: The January 2009 meeting minutes are approved.

News: Jon Giullian is the new SEES chair and Sandra Levy is vice chair.

Adam Burling spoke about the ACRL general membership in 2008 which has dropped down by 2-3%. SEES membership has decreased from last year's 299 to 270 current members, approximately by 5-7%. The ACRL has made several recommendations for communications after mid-winter meeting. The ACRL is considering various options for virtual membership:

  • some committees can be completely virtual ones;
  • members unable to attend will participate in committee's work virtually, for example, the LPSS combines face to face meeting with synchronized teleconferencing.

Updates on the Leadership Development Strategic Planning

Communication: It is recommended that each section should send the reports back in 2 weeks after the conference.

Professional Development for networking: ALA Connect can be used for networking. Anyone can have an access to the section site after registration and creation of a password. The Committee should designate if it is private or public. Or each subcommittee can decide which parts / sections are open and accessible for the public, and which ones will be private for members only. The ACRL section Chair will be the actual webmaster.

Action plans are due in early August 2009. Survey can be part of the action plan which can be conducted by using the ACRL "survey-monkey" tools.

Some ACRL sections create a poster session rather than do a program, which will assure both instruction and program activities. Poster sessions are cheaper and can reach people who cannot attend the program. Virtual poster program can include a power point presentation.

Brief reports of the committees

Newsletter: Sandra Levy reported on:

  • the preparations for publishing issue no. 26
  • considerations how to transition to e-newsletter
  • other options in case of the merger between SEES and WESS

ABC: Diana Brooking reported on:

  • the revision of Slavic Cataloging Manual
  • the activities of 2 different Task Forces to work on Romanization issues
  • the ABC conducted lively discussion on Authority records;
  • assignment of a new representative to CCDA, who will serve as a SEES ABC liaison

Access and Preservation: Brad Schaffner reported on:

  • Cathy will maintain and update the SEES webpage starting January
  • ALA Connect functions to be tried in order to provide access and archive the SEES documents
  • updates of the IRC-SEES investigation of open access to Eurasian Archives
  • presentation of born digital materials by the UCLA and California Digital Library

ACRL SEES News: Terri Miller reported on:

  • discussion of possible merger of SEES with WESS;
  • start gathering information about each section;
  • present the report to the SEES Committees by 2010 summer meeting
  • advertisement and promotion of AAA SS / ACRL SEES Roundtable on "Slavic librarianship as an alternative career track for graduate students of Slavic and Eurasian studies"

Governance procedures: Andy Spencer reported on:

  • the corrections and changes on SEES governance procedures have been submitted to ACRL, and the webpage should be updated soon.

Submitted by Heghine Hakobyan

Last updated August 24, 2009