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Newletter Committee
June 24, 2007

Present: Terri Miller (Michigan State), Michael Brewer (Arizona), Diana Brooking (Washington), Jackie Byrd (Indiana), Angela Cannon (Library of Congress), Brenda Carter (Pittsburgh), Tatyana Chubaryan (Texas A&M), Sandra Levy (Chicago), Liladhar Pendse (UCLA), Emily Ray (Yale), Brad Schaffner (Harvard), Kay Sinnema (Library of Congress), Masha Stepanova (Miami), Andy Spencer (Wisconsin)

  • Minutes: Minutes of the virtual meeting held in advance of the San Antonio Midwinter 2007 conference were approved as submitted.
  • Review of 2007 Issue: The issue had a color cover illustration, but it didn't seem to be as clear as the color cover for the 2006 issue. Terri Miller reported that there had been some problems with the printing of this issue.
  • Budget Report: Terri reported that the budget for the Newsletter was in good financial shape.
  • 2008 Issue: Terri led a discussion on the 2008 issue of the Newsletter:
    • Libraries in Profile: Michigan and Indiana were both committed to contributing to the Library in Profile, and Michigan was profiled in the 2007 Newsletter. It was decided that UCLA should be featured for 2008, since the 2008 annual conference is in Anaheim. Indiana will be featured in the 2009 issue.
    • Possible Articles:
      • Terri reported that SEEIR is now publishing trip reports, and some items that normally would have appeared in the SEES Newsletter are being published there instead.
      • The Newsletter would like contributions for the Frankfort and Bulgaria conferences.
      • Harvard may be able to supply items covering trips to Warsaw and Lviv.
      • It was suggested that Dan Pennell from Pittsburgh contribute an article on Pittsburgh's film collection for the Acquisitions Section.
      • Andy Spencer offered to contribute an article on Wisconsin's recent acquisition of a 2,700 volume Azeri collection.
  • Chair Needed: Terri reported that she would like to have someone step in as Chair of the Newsletter Committee during the year that she will serve as Chair of SEES.
  • Newsletter Format: Terri led a discussion on whether the SEES Newsletter should switch to the format used by other ACRL sections. This would be a newsletter published twice a year, with about 12 pages per publication. ACRL would print and mail the newsletters, but they would only go to section members. Among the ideas expressed on this topic were:
    • The current publication is not timely.
    • Most sections do not publish section minutes in the newsletter, but on the WWW.
    • The Newsletter could still publish minutes of SEEMP, but the SEES and AAASS minutes could be online.
    • Our broader annual of Slavic librarianship in general is more valuable than the newsletters of other sections. Many libraries add our Newsletter to their collections.
    • ACRL mailings would be quicker.
    • An informal vote indicated a desire to stay with the current format for the SEES Newsletter.
  • Virtual Meetings: Terri reported that using email for the committee's virtual meetings created some problems in January. She suggested the use MEEBO, a freeware available for IM. See:
  • Newsletter Online: Whether to offer the newsletter online was discussed. The main issues is finding the server space somewhere to host the .pdf files for the newsletter issues. Terri has a complete run of the Newsletter going back to 1984, although a version of the Newsletter may have been published earlier than that.
Submitted by Jackie Byrd

Last updated July 27, 2007