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Newletter Committee
June 24, 2007

Present: Terri Miller (Michigan State), Diana Brooking (Washington), Jackie Byrd (Indiana), Jon Giullian (Kansas), Carl Horne (Indiana), Sandra Levy (Chicago), Svetlana Pavlova (HCL), Liladhar Pendse (UCLA), Emily Ray (Vassar), Andy Spencer (Wisconsin)

Minutes: The minutes of the January 2008 meeting were approved as submitted.

Budget Report: Terri reported that:

  • The Newsletter Budget is in good shape. $1200 was received from ACRL to support the Newsletter.
  • The digitization of the issues 1-23 went well, and the issues are posted on the University of Washington digital library space. The issues are indexed and searchable. Issue 24 was mailed using bulk shipping, and most were delivered before the ALA conference.
  • The printing of the color cover for issue 24 was outsourced.

Review of Issue 24: There were some spacing issues in bibliography section, possibly the result of the software used for the text of the section. The possibility of moving the deadline forward was raised, so that issues arrive a few weeks before ALA. However, Terri explained that the printer has the Newsletter scheduled for around April 1st, so moving the deadline wouldn't affect when the Newsletter is printed.

Issue 25: Terri asked for suggestions for content for the upcoming Newsletter issue. UCLA will be the "Library in profile." Committee members are still willing to continue, and there is a possible volunteer from new members. Svetlana Pavlova volunteered to do the bibliography while Sandra Levy is co-editor during Terri's year as section chair. The co-editors will be Sandra and Kay Sinema. Anna Shparberg will be the managing editor.

Digitization: Terri reported that the hardest part was getting early issues, and many of these were supplied by Harry Leich from LC. The digitization of the first 23 issues was completed by the end of March, 2008 and sent to Diana Brooking for posting on the University of Washington site: Link(s) are needed for the digitized Newsletter on the SEES website. For the digitization of future issues, it was decided that digitizing them after printing would be easiest.

Submitted by Jackie Byrd

Last updated July 28, 2008