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Newsletter Committee
July 11, 2009

Present: Diana Brooking (Washington), Larisa Walsh (Chicago), Andy Spencer (Wisconsin-Madison), Terri Miller (Michigan State), Jon Giullian (Kansas), Carl Horne (Indiana), Sandra Levy (Chicago), Natasha Lyanders (Notre Dame), Heghine Hakobyan (Oregon), Beth Snyder (Michigan)

Sandra Levy is current chair of the SEES newsletter, and will be the vice-chair for the section. Anna Shparberg (Rice) will continue performing her duties as the SEES Newsletter managing editor.

Minutes: The minutes of January 2009 were reviewed and approved.

Membership: Review of membership list for 2009-2010. The section is open for new members.

It is assigned to find a volunteer for doing the bibliographic section of the newsletter.

SEES publishes its newsletter once a year. It is a substantial publication that gives an overview of Slavic librarians' accomplishments in the United States, Great Britain, and many other countries.

Changing assignments and future duties: Allan Urbanic, UC - Berkeley, the current treasurer, listserv manager, and newsletter distributer is leaving the Slavic Librarian position. In this regard the Newsletter Committee will prepare ideas and strategies on how to handle the printing matters, subscriptions, list of shipping, and other issues. The Committee will be looking for a candidate to carry out Allan Urbanic's duties.

Newsletter transition: In an effort to cut costs, the ACRL Leadership strongly encourages Sections to move their newsletters from print to electronic format. The SEES Newsletter Committee will continue gathering materials and preparing the publication of the issue no. 26 in print. The Committee will use this year to consider how to prepare for the transition to an e-newsletter. The future of the newsletter also depends on the results of the survey and possible merger of SEES with WESS.

Submitted by Heghine Hakobyan

Last updated August 24, 2009