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Adding Cyrillic Fields to Authority Records

Currenlty non-Latin scripts fields are permitted for name (personal and corporate/conference), title, and geographic authority records. Non-Latin script field are currently not permitted in LCSH records.

The cataloging community is awaiting a national policy for the input of non-Latin scripts into authority records. Until the national policy is available, an iterim policy is in place for NACO catalogers. Under the interim policy, non-Latin scripts can be used in the following fields only:

Unlike bibliographic records, authority records will NOT have parallel fields, but they can have fields that otherwise duplicate a Latin-script transliterated field, e.g. as a 4XX reference. However, the authorized form of a heading in a 1XX or 5XX field will be ONLY in Latin-script.

Other coding for authority records with non-Latin script fields include:

The following non-Latin scripts are currently approved for use in authrority records. Others may be added later.

Until the national policy is available, links below will provide local institution-specific documentation for this activity for the convenience of libraries seeking guidance in this area. Please note that these documents may not reflect decisions in the PCC policy when it is available. The links are in the alphabetical order of the institution name -- the order does not reflect any priority. Please note that, depending on the institution providing the local policy, the document may address the input of non-Latin scripts in general, and not just the input of Cyrillic scripts.

For additional information, see the Library of Congress's Non-Latin Script Data in Name Authority Records: Frequently Asked Questions.

A couple of macros are available to help with providing Cyrillic fields in authority records in OCLC Connexion. .