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Russian Law: KL Schedules

The law schedules for Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union were issued in the early 1990's. Just in time for its dissolution, the schedules for the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance were issued (KJE801+).

Laws of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union are classed together in KLA.

Defunct jurisdictions, such as Russian gubernias and old Soviet administrative divisions that were later split are classed in KLA5000+. See also: Russian Guberniias.

Other defunct republics are given their own subschedule, e.g. Bukharskaia Narodnaia Sovetskaia Respublika (until 1924) is KLQ.

There is a question concerning the distinction between laws of Russia (Federation) and those of the Russian S.F.S.R. Specifically, many times a Russian S.F.S.R. law was adopted wholesale into Russia (Federation) while the name of the law even retained "RSFSR."

The laws of the old autonomous republics will still be classified in KLN293.5, A-Z, but the laws of any new governments (e.g. Karelia, Mari-El) will be classed in KLB2935, A-Z.
See also: Name Changes for Russia (Federation)

All subject subdivisions are Russia (Federation).


245 00 Okhrana okruzhaiushchei prirodnoi sredy.
(Published in 1993)
650 -0 Environmental law--Russia (Federation)
710 1- Russia (Federation). Zakon Rossiiskoi Sovetskoi Federativnoi Sotsialisticheskoi Respubliki ob okhrane okruzhaiushchei prirodnoi sredy. 1993.
KLB3130.A31993R876 1993

110 1- Russian S.F.S.R.
245 10 Grazhdanskii kodeks RSFSR.
(Published in 1990)
650 -0 Civil law--Russia (Federation)
KLN49.A24 1990

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