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Credits and Short Description of this Manual


The purpose of this manual is to serve as a tool for an experienced cataloger when faced with a problem unique to Slavic language materials. It is not designed as a training manual for the non-cataloger; still, the tables of pre-AACR2 headings (used in the NUC, and other catalogs) and previous subject treatments should be of use to the researcher or reference librarian.

This manual is an accumulation of rules and practices unique to Slavic languages cataloging. Ideally, when confronted with cataloging problem, the cataloger should be able to quickly and easily find the answer in this manual, along with the appropriate rule citation in AACR2, LC Rule Interpretation, CSB, or SCM citation, plus an example when appropriate.

Background and Credits

I began this manual at Princeton University in 1992, as paper-based training documentation for experienced catalogers where were new to the fine points of cataloging Slavic language materials. It turned out that this roughly coincided with the bibliographic consequences of the fall of the communist regimes in Eastern Europe. The complexities of the changes to the catalog were truly daunting, as it was necessary to change almost every corporate and geographic heading, while even some personal names were not exempt.
The manual became an excellent place to record some of these detailed cataloging decisions.

In 1994, when HTML was implemented, we happened to be looking for new ways to deal with Princeton's cataloging documentation. I experimented with versions on Mosaic and Netscape, and it was only natural to begin with my manual. It slowly grew and changed as I added new sections for my own reference purposes, but as it became more well-known outside of Princeton library, I added sections based solely on requests from others outside of the University.

In 2001, I finished a complete overhaul of the text, added a lot of information, and gave it to SEES of ACRL, who graciously agreed to take over administration of the manual.

James L. Weinheimer
July, 2001
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