Slavic Reference Sources
Personal Names

Slavic Reference Sources
Personal Names

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Russia/Soviet/ Russia (Federation)

Slovar psevdonimov russkikh pisatelei, uchenykh i obshchestvennykh deiatelei / I.F. Masanov (1956- 1960)

A shorter, earlier edition was published in 1941-1946, but this 4 vol. set contains all of Masanov's work and has never been superceded. It includes names based on various typographical conventions, women's maiden names, etc. There are complete indexes to pseudonyms and separate Russian alphabet-Latin alphabet sequences.


Rechnik na bulgarskite psevdonimi (1989)

Includes writers, academics, translators, and journalists.


Slovnik pseudonymu v ceske a slovenske literature (1973)


Magyar íroí álnév lexikon (1978)


Lietuviškieji slapyvardžiai (1995-2003)


Slownik pseudonimow i kryptonimov pisarzy polskich oraz polski dotyczacych / A. Bar (1936-1938 in 3 vol)

The main source for Polish pseudonyms. It provides only the pseudonym and real name without biographical information. Tom 3 is an index of real names to pseudonyms. Reprinted in 1968 in 1 volume.

Kto byl kim w drugim obiegu (1995)

Covers Polish writers and diarists published 1976-1989.

Slownik pseudonimow pisarzy polskich (1994-1998)

Polish pseudonyms from 15th century to 1995.


Slovnik pseudonymov slovenskych spisovatel'ov (1961)

Provides only the pseudonym and the real name, without any biographical information. It includes an index of real names to pseudonyms.


Slovnyk ukrains'kykh psevdonimiv ta kryptonimiv, XVI-XX st. / O.I. Dei (1969)

This work includes Ukrainian pseudonyms from all of Ukraine, Poland, Canada and Switzerland. It is indexed and has separate Ukrainian alphabet-Latin alphabet sequences.

Literary Authors

Russia/Soviet Union/Russia (Federation)

Russkie sovetskie pisateli--prozaiki (1959-1972)
Russkie sovetskie pisateli--poety (1977- )

Bio-bibliographical essays on each author. Not a complete listing of authors, but if included in the list, an excellent source.

Russkie sovetskie pisateli, 1917-1967 / N. Matsuev (1981)

A very useful work for librarians. It includes short listings of full names, dates of birth and death, plus prizes won and references to bibliographies.

Spravochnik Soiuza pisatelei SSSR (1986)

A complete listing in Russian of all official authors, critics, translators and other members of the Writers' Union. Includes full name, pseudonym (not indexed) and home addresses. Includes all of the Former Soviet Union.

Czech Republic

Cesky biograficky slovnik XX. stoleti (1999)

Slovnik ceskych spisovatelu (2005)


Wspolczesni polscy pisarze i badacze literatury (1994- )

Other Sources

Russia/Soviet Union/Russia (Federation)

Nauchnaia elita : kto est' kto v Rossiiskoi akademii nauk (1993)

Compete biographical and bibliographical information on each member of the RAN, including addresses and telephone numbers. Includes many members from other countries of the Former Soviet Union.

Kto est' kto v perestroike / A. Lavrin (1990)

A general listing of people in the Former Soviet Union. Includes biographical information and short bibliographies.

Slavianovedenie v SSSR (1993)

Bio-bibliographies of 20th century Slavic specialists from the Former Soviet Union.

Czech Republic

Biografický slovník českých zemí (2004- )

Only up through the B’s so far (in 2007)...


Ceskoslovensky biograficky slovnik (1992)

Czechs and Slovaks who lived in the 20th century. Includes exiles.

Kdo byl kdo v nasich dejinach do roku 1918 (1992)


Polski slownik biograficzny (1935- )

Religious Terms

Sviatost : kratkii slovar agiograficheskikh terminov / V.M. Zhivov (1994)

An excellent resource for the titles attached to Orthodox religious names. Russian terms with Greek and/or Latin terms.

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