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Geographic Subjects
Yugoslavia and the Former Yugoslav Republics

Geographic Name 043 CP (Regardless of publication date)
Yugoslavia e-yu-- yu
Bosnia and Hercegovinae-bn---bn
Macedonia (Republic)e-xn---xn
Montenegroe-mo--- mo
Serbiae-rb--- rb
Serbia and Montenegroe-yu--- yu
Sloveniae-xv--- xv

According to the latest update of Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings, H 1055, August 2006 on Yugoslavia:

  1. Yugoslavia: Assign the heading Yugoslavia, with appropriate topical and period subdivisions, to works on the country of Yugoslavia during the period 1918-1992 as well as to works on the country of Serbia and Montenegro during the period 1992-2003 when it was called Yugoslavia.
  2. Serbia and Montenegro: Assign the heading Serbia and Montenegro to works on this country from the time its name changed in 2003 until 2006 when it split into two separate, independent countries.
  3. Independent countries: Treat Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia (Republic), Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia as fully independent countries for topics covering those areas individually, regardless of historical time period. As geographic subdivisions, use headings directly after topics, even for works covering the time period when they were republics of Yugoslavia.
  4. Former Yugoslav republics Assign the heading Former Yugoslav republics, with appropriate topical subdivisions, to works discussing collectively the independent countries that emerged from the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991-1992 and 2006, or works discussing the equivalent area. When using geographic subdivisions, do not divide localities through Former Yugoslav republics. Divide only through the name of the current country or, in case of areas that span more than one country, assign the heading directly after topics.

    "Yugoslavia" can also be used to begin a 651 subject heading for the areas known as "Yugoslavia" during both the 1918-1992 and the 1992-2003 time periods, since the "latest name provision" applies only to geographic subdivisions and not to headings.

N.B. The authority record for Kosovo has been changed to reflect that country's new independence from Serbia in 2008. The heading is now: Kosovo (Republic)--it is subdivided directly as |z Kosovo (Republic). The authority record is coded as provisional, pending BGN approval, but it can be used in bibliographic records.


Yugoslavia is valid for the areas inclusive of the current Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia only until 1992. At that time, the government dissolved, and the area of Yugoslavia diminished to Serbia and Montenegro. This is the area that was still Yugoslavia for the period 1992-2003 and that was known as Serbia and Montenegro for the period 2003-2006. In 2006, Serbia and Montenegro split into two separate, independent countries. In 2008, Kosovo split from Serbia and became independent as well.

The headings Yugoslavia (until 1992) and Former Yugoslav republics (after 1992) constitute the same geographic area. Yugoslavia (1992-2003) and Serbia and Montenegro (2003-2006) also constitute the same geographic area. These are situations similar to the Russia/Soviet Union/Former Soviet republics situation. This means that there will be occasion for doubled subject headings, and other peculiarities, similar to Former Soviet republics.

See also: Assigning the Headings Russia/Soviet Union/Former Soviet republics


For a book covering economic conditions of all of the republics of the former Yugoslavia after World War II to the present, the following subjects would be used: For a book covering antiquities in Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, the following subjects would be used: Related Topics:
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