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Anton Boisen Photograph Collection

Anton Boisen 1900

Biographical Sketch

Anton Boisen (1876-1965) was a grandson of Theophilus A. and Rebecca D. Wylie. He was born in Wylie House and came back here to live with his mother and grandparents when his father, Hermann B. Boisen passed away in 1884. Anton graduated from Indiana University, Yale School of Forestry and the Union Theological Seminary, and received a Master's Degree from Harvard. After graduation from IU, he taught French for two years in Bloomington schools, and then served five years in the U. S. Forestry Service. After seminary he became a sociological investigator for the Presbyterian Board of Home Missions and spent five years in rural pastorates in Kansas and Maine and later made extensive surveys for the Interchurch World Movement. He served as chaplain at the Worchester, Massachusetts and Elgin, Illinois state hospitals for thirty-one years and for seventeen years was a lecturer and research associate in the Chicago Theological Seminary. He has been called the "father of the clinical pastoral education movement."

Scope and Content Note

While the exact date and place of each photograph is unknown, the majority of photographs in this collection were taken by Mr. Boisen during his time in the Forestry Service and while conducting sociological work, between the years 1904 and 1916. These are unique images that reveal the nature and settings surrounding a different time in the United States.

American lifestyles changed dramatically in the 20th century, going from what was predominately an agrarian economy to a technological age. It is sometimes difficult to imagine what it was like to live in America just 100 years ago. Images such as these serve to feed our imaginations by revealing glimpses of an age not long past in which life appeared very different from what we know today.

The Anton Boisen Photograph Collection has been indexed and subject terms assigned using The Library of Congress Thesaurus for Graphic Materials. The Collection consists of fifteen different series. This exhibit showcases some of the highlights from the collection, though not every series is represented. To enter the exhibit please choose from the links to the series listed below. An index of thumbnail images is available for each series in the exhibit. More detailed information about each photo can be obtained by clicking on the thumbnail image or the title of the photograph. In order to assist in navigating the site a drop down menu can be found at the top of each thumbnail index. We hope that you will enjoy this exhibit.

Anton Boisen 1916

Series Contents