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Dissertation Defense

10 January 2013

Jung-yueh Tu: "Word Prosody in Loanword Phonology: Focus on Japanese Borrowings into Taiwanese Southern Min"
Chair: Stuart Davis

Dissertation Defense

10 August 2012

Yen-Chen Hao: "The effect of L2 experience on second language acquisition of Mandarin consonants, vowels, and tones"
Chair: Ken de Jong

Dissertation Defense

6 August 2012

Yufen Chang: "First language attrition: An investigation of Taiwanese tones and tone sandhi"
Chair: Stuart Davis

Dissertation Defense

31 July 2012

Yoon, Junghyoe: "Case Drop in Korean–Its Empirical and Theoretical Investigation"

Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics (FASL) 21

11-13 May 2012 Indiana University Bloomington

Invited speaker include Zeljko Boskovic, Damir Cavar, and Tania Ionin. FASL 21 will be preceded by a special session on Computational Approaches to Slavic Languages on 10-11 May 2012 and followed by a free workshop in Slavic Linguistics 14-17 May 2012.

Dissertation Defense

7 May 2012

Nikole Miller: "An assessment of language attitudes towards African American Vernacular English"
Chair: Clancy Clements

Dissertation Defense

26 April 2012

Indrek Park: "A grammar of Hidatsa"
Chairs: Robert Botne and Douglas Parks

Pragmatics Festival 2012

19-21 April 2012

This year, Pragmatics Festival 2012 will be held at Indiana University Bloomington, with keynote speakers Diana Boxer and César Félix-Brasdefer.

Departmental Conference 2012

13 April 2012

The 6th Annual Indiana University Linguistics Graduate Student Conference will be held Friday April 13, 2012 from 1:00-5:15pm in Ballantine Hall 007. The conference provides an important venue for students in the department (and related fields) to present their independent research to their fellows.

Colloquium Talk

23 March – Steven Franks
Title: Why Slovenian Orphans Receive Special Treatment

Dissertation Defense

19 March 2012

Muhammad Alqassas: "The morpho-syntax and pragmatics of Levantine Arabic negation: A synchronic and diachronic analysis"
Chair: Steven Franks

Colloquium Talk

2 March – César Félix-Brasdefer
Title: The Pragmatics of Email Discourse

Colloquium Talk

24 February – Ewa Willim, Jagiellonian University of Krakow, Poland
Title: (Un)interpretable gender: On the feature valuation/interpretability biconditional in Minimalist Theory

Dissertation Defense

23 January 2012

Paul Rodrigues: "Processing highly variant language using incremental model selection"
Chair: Sandra Kuebler

Dissertation Defense

17 January 2012

Piibi-Kai Kivik: "Conversation-for-learning in Estonian coffee-hour: An Interactional linguistic perspective"
Chair: Samuel Obeng


Dissertation Defense

12 November 2011

Saowanee Treerat: "Sincerity, intonation, and apologies: A case study of Thai EFL and ESL learners"
Chairs: Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig and Ken de Jong

Dissertation Defense

11 November 2011 Distinguished Alumni Room IMU, 3:30-5:30pm

Tae Sik Kim: "Small projections and grammaticalization in Korean"
Chair: Steven Franks
This defense is for a degree in Linguistics. The defense is open to the public, but those planning to attend should email the advisor ( as a matter of courtesy.

Colloquium Talk

4 November – Steven Abney, University of Michigan
Title: The Digitization of Language

Colloquium Talk

14 October – Jonathan Dalby, Communication Disorders Technology
Title: Second-language speech intelligibility training

Colloquium Talk

30 September – Joel Tetrault, Educational Testing Services
Title: All Your Essay Are Belong To Us: Automatically scoring test-taker writing with e-rater

Dissertation Defense

24 August 2011

Kanji Yoshida: "Phonetics and Phonology of Shiki-accent Systems in Mid-Western Japanese Dialects"
Chair: Ken de Jong

Dissertation Defense

18 August 2011

Junghyoe Yoon: "Case drop in Korean"
Chair: Yoshihisa Kitagawa

Dissertation Defense

17 August 2011

Scott Lamanna: "Columbian Spanish in North Carolina: The role of language and dialect contact in the formation of a new variety of U.S. Spanish"
Chair: Clancy Clements

Colloquium Talk

8 AprilGrant Goodall
Title: Experimental Explorations of ECP and Island Effects

Colloquium Talk

1 AprilNola Stephens
Title: The interplay between lexical semantics and discourse in children's early constructions

Other upcomming current about the Linguistics Department can be found in the Weekly Linguistics Calendar.

Colloquium Talk

9 March – Carole Paradis
Title: Preservation and Deletion in Loan Words

Colloquium Talk

4 March – Mitsuaki Yoneyama
Title: Motion Events in English and Japanese

Colloquium Talk

11 February – Evie Malaia
Title: Verbal event structure affects thematic role processing: ERP evidence for lexicon-syntax interface

Colloquium Talk

4 February – Vicki Anderson, Indiana University
Title: Bidialectalism in Intense Language Variety Contact: An "Unexpected" Development in the Death of Pennsylvania Dutchified English

Colloquium Talk

14 January – Brian Jose, Indiana University
Title: Dialect contact and language change in Indiana’s non-Midland Communities


Dissertation Defense

22 October 2010 Woodburn Hall 218, 10am

Christopher Green: "Prosodic Phonology in Bamana (Bambara): Syllable Complexity, Metrical Structure, and Tone"
Chairs: Stuart Davis and Samuel Obeng
This defense is for a degree in Linguistics. The defense is open to the public, but those planning to attend should email the advisors (, as a matter of courtesy.

Hispanic Linguistics Symposium

14 - 17 October 2010 Indiana University Bloomington
The Hispanic Linguistics Symposium 2010 will be held in Bloomington at Indiana University on October 14-17, 2010. Conference Theme: Variation and Linguistic Theory. Invited speakers include Robert Bayley, Richard Cameron, Almeida Jacqueline Toribio and Ricardo Otheguy.

Minority Languages in Europe: Successes and Challenges

7 - 9 October 2010 Indiana Memorial Union
The West European Studies Program is hosting a conference on Minority Languages in Europe from 7 - 9 October, 2010. Invited speakers include José Ignacio Hualde, Bernat Joan i Marí, Jean-Luc Vigneux, and Colin Williams.

Workshop on Prosody, Syntax and Information Structure (WPSI) 4

17 - 18 September 2010 University of Delaware
Yoshi Kitagawa and co-PI Satoshi Tomioka will hold the 4th Workshop on Prosody, Syntax and Information Structure (WPSI) on 17 - 18 September. Invited speakers include: David Beaver, Anthony Kroch, Norvin Richards, Elisabeth Selkirk, and Hubert Truckenbrodt. This workshop is funded in part by a grant from the NSA.

Annual Department Picnic

27 August 2010 Winslow Woods Shelter
The annual Department Picnic will be held at the Winslow Woods Playground Shelter (near the YMCA on the #4 BT Line) at 5pm. Bring snacks, side dishes, or just yourself!

Dissertation Defense

26 August 2010 Memorial Hall 401, 2pm

Iskra Iskrova: "Prosody and Information in two French-based Creoles in the Caribbean: Guadeloupean and Haitian"
Chairs: Kenneth de Jong and Albert Valdman (Emeritus)
This defense is for a degree in Linguistics and French and Italian. The defense is open to the public, but those planning to attend should email the advisors (, as a matter of courtesy.

Dissertation Defense

16 June 2010 Memorial Hall 317a, 10am

Emad Soliman Ali Mohamed: "Orthographic Enrichment for Arabic Grammatical Analysis" Chair: Sandra Kübler
This defense is for a degree in Computational Linguistics. The defense is open to the public, but those planning to attend should email the advisor ( as a matter of courtesy.

Dissertation Defense

11 June 2010 Memorial Hall 317a, 1pm

Nathan Sanders: "A Statistical Method for Syntactic Dialectometry" Chair: Sandra Kübler
This defense is for a degree in Linguistics. The defense is open to the public, but those planning to attend should email the advisor ( as a matter of courtesy.

SyntaxFest 2010

15 - 18 June 2010
The Indiana University Department of Linguistics is proud to host its second SyntaxFest this June. SyntaxFest 2010 is a 4 day workshop on issues related to syntactic theory construction and features mini-courses by some of the foremost researchers working within the Minimalist Program. Registration is free for current IU students (graduate and undergraduate), and inexpensive for others. Rates will rise after April 1, however, so those interested in attending are encouraged to register online today.


20 - 26 June 2010
The North American Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information (NASSLLI) is a summer school with classes in the interface between computer science, linguistics, and logic. After previous editions at Stanford University, Indiana University, and UCLA, NASSLLI will return to Bloomington, Indiana, June 20–26, 2010. The summer school, loosely modeled on the long-running ESSLLI series in Europe, will consist of a number of courses and workshops, selected on the basis of the proposals.

Dissertation Defense

18 May 2010 Ballantine Hall 144, 10:00am
Dissertation Defense: Amanda Edmonds defended her dissertation (Title: "On the Representation of Conventional Expression in L1-English L2-French Acquisition") Tuesday 18 May at 10:00am in Ballantine Hall 144. Chairs: Laurent Dekydtspotter and Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig
This defense is for a joint degree in French and Italian and Second Language Studies.

Dissertation Defense

17 May 2010
Dissertation Defense: Ock-Hwan Kim defended his dissertation (Title: "The Syntax of Inaudible Noun Phrases in Korean") Monday 17 May at 2:00pm in Memorial Hall 317a. Chair: Yoshihisa Kitagawa. This defense is for a degree in Linguistics.

Department Awards Ceremony

4 May 2010
The annual Linguistics Department Awards Ceremony was held on Tuesday 4 May 2010 in Memorial Hall 317a. This is a gathering each May in which the Department recognizes outstanding achievement by its students and staff. People so recognized this year include:

  • Alexis Lanham - Outstanding Associate Instructor Award in Linguistics.
  • Sandra Kübler - Trustees Teaching Award for faculty teaching
  • Beth Casserly - Householder Paper Award for the best paper written in a graduate Linguistics course (Title: "Spread Glottis in Faroese Consonant Weight Interactions and Opacity")
  • Tae Sik Kim - Householder Paper Award for the best paper written in a graduate Linguistics course (Title: "The Small nP Projection in Korean: evidence from the interaction between modals and NPIs"
  • Anna Cox - Outstanding Senior Award for the graduating senior in Linguistics with the highest overall GPA
  • Alexander Costakis, Anna Cox, Allison Germain, Saralyn McKinnon-Crowley, Lawrence Phillips, and Kevin Seitz - Outstanding Undergraduate Achievement Award for graduating seniors in Linguistics who have maintained a 4.0 GPA in all Linguistics courses.

Dissertation Defense

30 April 2010
Dissertation Defense: Nicholas Henriksen (double Ph.D. with Spanish) defended his dissertation (Title: "Question Intonation in Manchego Peninsular Spanish")

Dissertation Defense

30 April 2010
Dissertation Defense: Nicholas Henriksen (double Ph.D. with Spanish) defended his dissertation (Title: "Question Intonation in Manchego Peninsular Spanish")

The 4th Annual Department Graduate Student Conference was held on 9 April from 10:00am - 4pm in Ballantine Hall (BH) room 347. Information about speakers and presentation topics can be found on the Conference Webpage.

The Fifteenth Mid-Continental Workshop On Phonology (McWop) was held at Indiana University from Friday 9 October to Sunday 11 October. McWop is an informal gathering of researchers working in all areas of phonology broadly defined. More details about the meeting can be found on the Conference Website.

Indiana University's Learnability Project recently received a $2.34 million, five-year renewal of its National Institutes of Health funding, to continue through 2014. More than 1,000 children from across the state and beyond have received free, one-of-a-kind speech therapy through the program since its initial NIH funding in 1985. This project is headed in part by Linguistics Professor Daniel Dinnsen. More information about the award and the Learnability Project are available through the IU news page.


Dissertation Defense

21 September 2009 Psychology 128

Silbert, Noah: "Integration of phonological information in obstruent consonant identification" Chairs: Kenneth DeJong and James Townsend
This defense is for a joint degree in Linguistics and Cognitive Science

28 August 2009
The 2009 IULC Picnic was held at Winslow Woods Shelter starting at 5pm. All are welcome to attend!

7 August 2009 3pm Memorial Hall 317a
Dissertation Defense Mendez Vallejo, Catalina: "Focalizing ser ('to be') in Colombian Spanish" Chairs: Yoshihisa Kitagawa and Miguel Rodríguez-Mondoñedo
This defense is for a joint degree in Linguistics and Spanish

14 May 2009 2pm Psychology 128
Dissertation Defense Kapatsinski, Vsevolod: "The architecture of grammar in artificial grammar learning: Formal biases in the acquisition of morphophonology and the nature of the learning task" Chairs: Kenneth DeJong and David Pisoni

Midwest Computational Linguistics Colloquium - 2009

3-4 May 2009 Ballantine Hall 006
With the sixth annual Midwest Computational Linguistics Colloquium was held at IU. The talk schedule and other specifics can be found on the conference website.

27 March 2009
The 3rd Annual Linguistics Department Graduate Student Conference was held in Ballantine Hall (BH) - Room 204

30 January 2009 9:30 AM, Memorial Hall 317A.
Dissertation defense Grimes, Stephen: "Quantitative Studies in Hungarian Phonotactics and Syllable Structure" Chair: Stuart Davis (

30 January 2009
Ph.D.s were awarded to Mikael Thompson and Dongmyung Lee.


22 December 2008 9:00 AM, Memorial Hall 317A.
Lee, Dongmyung: "Loanword Tonology of South Kyungsang Korean" Chair: Stuart Davis (

15 December 2008 2:00 PM, Memorial Hall 317A.
Thompson, Mikael: "A Study of the Analogical Extension of the Mongolian Hidden-n Declension in Colloquial Standard Khalkha" Chair: Gyorgy Kara (

8 December 2008 10:00 AM, Memorial Hall 317A.
Jose, Brian: "Testing the Apparent-Time Construct in a Young Speech Community: Steel City Speech in and around Gary, Indiana on its 100th Birthday" Chair: Julie Auger (

August 29, 2008 starting at 5:00 PM, Winslow Woods Shelter
Annual Indiana Uniersity Linguistics Club (IULC) Picnic
The Winslow Woods Shelter is on 2120 South Highland Avenue across from the YMCA. It can be reached by Bloomington Transit bus route 4(south)

August 29, 2008 1:00-3:00 PM, New Graduate Student Orientation Meeting
The orientation meeting was held in Ballantine Hall 004.

8 August 2008 11:00 AM, Speech and Hearing C108.
Ikuta, Toshikazu: "fMRI study of Grammar, Parkinson's Disease and Dopaminergic Medication" Co-chairs: Steven Franks ( and Laura Murray (

1 August 2008, 10:00 AM, Memorial Hall 401.
Park, Hanyong: "Phonological information and linguistic experience in foreign accent detection" Chair: Kenneth de Jong (

10 July 2008, 9:00 AM, Memorial Hall 401.
Oglesbee, Eric: "Multidimensional Stop Categorization in English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Canadian French" Chair: Kenneth de Jong (

8 July 2008, 10:00 AM, Memorial Hall 401.
Farris-Trimble, Ashley: "Cumulative faithfulness effects in phonology" Chair: Daniel Dinnsen (855-7948)

14 June 2008, 10:00 AM, Memorial Hall 401.
Rojas, David: "Features and Methods for Automatic Dialect Identification: Co-Chairs: Kenneth de Jong ( and John Paolillo (

22 June 2008, 3:00 PM, Memorial Hall 317.
Wilkerson, Gladys (Rose): "Talkin' Country: African-American English in the Mississippi Delta" Chair: Stuart Davis (

14 April 2008, 3:00 PM, Memorial Hall 317.
Purvis, Tristan: "A Linguistic and Discursive Analysis of Register Variation in Dagbani" Chair: Samuel Obeng (

The 2nd Linguistics Department Conference will take place on Friday, March 21, 2008. Students will present their work in linguistics. Work on any area of linguistics is welcome, and students from any department can submit abstracts.

Sociolinguisticsfest runs from June 9-12, 2008. More information can be found at the Sociolinguisticsfest web site.


Annual IULC Picnic, Friday, August 25th at 5 PM in Bryan Park, Woodlawn Shelter

Workshop: Prosody, Syntax and Information Structure III, September 14-16, 2007

MCWOP 13, October 26-28 at the Ohio State University. Abstract submission deadline is Friday, September 14, 2007

Undergrad Awards Ceremony, Friday, April 27th, 2007 in the Seminar Room (Memorial Hall 317) from 11:15 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

First Annual Linguistics Department Student Conference

Slavic Linguistics Society Meeting Sept. 8–10 to be held at IU
(see for the program).

Distinguished Alumni Award and Lecture (Fred Eckman Ph.D. 1972)
September 14-15

Distinguished Alumni Award Presentation – Thursday, September 14, 4 PM at the University Club in the Indiana Memorial Union.
Contrast in Second Language Acquisition – Friday, September 15, 3:30 PM in Ballantine Hall 347

Spring 2007 Linguistics Colloquium

Phonology Fest 2006

New B.A. Minor in African Languages

Daniel Dinnsen honored as a Chancellor's Professor