First Annual Linguistics Department Student Conference

Friday, March 30th
Ballantine 006


10:45Anupam Das
Community of linguistic practice: Bilingual Bengalis’ ‘scraps’ on orkut [DOC] [PDF]
11:15Catalina Mendez Vallejo
The role of prosody in requests produced by young female university students from Bucaramanga, Colombia [DOC] [PDF]
11:45Asta Zelenkauskaite
Speech Act Analysis of Italian iTV SMS [DOC] [PDF]
Break (12:15 – 1:45)
1:45Yu-Yin Hsu
On the So-called Verb-duplication Construction in Mandarin Chinese [PDF]
2:15Toshikazu Ikuta
Dopaminergic System in Linguistic Comprehension and Grammar: fMRI study of Parkinson's Disease [PDF]
2:45Joshua Herring
Mutual Information as a Segmentation Cue in Connectionist Learning Approaches [PDF]
Break (3:15 – 3:45)
3:45Kenji Yoshida (Junghyoe Yoon and Hyun-jim Kim)
Production and perception of word prosody in three dialects of Korean [DOC] [PDF]
4:15Hanyong Park
Varied adaptation patterns of English stops and fricatives in Korean [DOC] [PDF]
Break (4:45 – 5:00)
5:00Noah Silbert (Ken de Jong)
Laryngeal Feature Structure in 1st and 2nd Language Speech Perception [DOC] [PDF]
5:30Ashley W. Farris
A transparent-opaque blocking effect [PDF]

Refreshments will be provided by the IULC
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