Professor of Linguistics

Indiana University
Department of Linguistics
332 Memorial Hall
Bloomington, IN, 47405

Phone: (812) 855-2043

Email: davis AT

Research Interests:
Phonology, Semitic linguistics, African-American English, general linguistics.

CV: here.



Research Publication

Davis, Stuart and Donna Jo Napoli (1994) A Prosodic Template in Historical Change: The Passage of the Latin Second Conjugation into Romance, Rosenberg and Sellier: Turin.

Davis, Stuart (1988) Topics in Syllable Geometry. Garland Press: New York. (In the series "Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics".)

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Selected Articles in Refereed Journals and Books:
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Selected Articles in Conference Proceedings:
Tsujimura, Natsuko and Stuart Davis (2011) The Manifestation of Intrasentential Code-switching in Japanese Hip Hop". Japanesee/Korean Linguistics 19.

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Selected Articles in Working Papers and Progress Reports:
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Selected Research Presentations:
Ragheb, Marwa and Stuart Davis (2012). "On the L1 Development of Final Consonant Clusters in Cairene Arabic." 26th Arabic Linguistics Symposium, Columbia Teacher's College, New York City, March 1-3.

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