Masters Degree

Admission Requirements Admission to the M.A. program will be based on evaluations of (1) undergraduate grade record, (2) level of achievement in the Graduate Record Examination General Test, (3) three letters of recommendation, and (4) undergraduate exposure to linguistics and related course work. Students not satisfying requirement (4) may be admitted but may be required to do course work prerequisite to introductory graduate courses.

Thesis Optional; maximum of 4 credit hours.

Final Examination None.

Course Requirements A total of 30 credit hours, including L520, L530, L541, L542, and L543. A grade point average of 3.0 (B) must be achieved in these five core courses. Additional electives as approved by the department. Graduate courses at other institutions may be used as equivalents to required course work if their content is considered satisfactory by the department.

Foreign Language Requirements Reading knowledge of one foreign language approved by the department and knowledge of the structure of a language or languages other than English and outside the student’s general language family. (The L653-L654 sequence may satisfy the second part of this requirement.)

We also offer a special M.A. track in Computational Linguistics.

Students with an interest in second language teaching may pursue the M.A. track in TESOL and Applied Linguistics in the Department of Second Language Studies.