BA Minor

BA Minor in Linguistics

Requirements: At least 15 College of Arts and Sciences credit hours approved by the department, including L103 or L203. At least three courses must be at the 300 level or above. Three credit hours may be taken in a related field, subject to approval by the department.

BA Minor in African Languages

Requirements: At least 15 credit hours in a particular language track as described below.

Pre-requisites: The first semester instruction in one of the following languages is a pre-requisite to apply for a minor.

  • K101/K102 Elementary Akan I (Akan/Twi track)
  • B101/B102 Elementary Bamana I (Bamana track)
  • S101/S102 Elementary Swahili I (Swahili track)
  • X101/X102 Elementary Wolof
  • Y101/102 Elementary Yoruba
  • Z101/Z102 Elementary Zulu I (Zulu track)

Core Requirements (12 credit hours):

Akan/Twi track:

  • K201 (Intermediate Akan I, 3 credits)
  • K202 (Intermediate Akan II, 3 credits)
  • K301 (Advanced Akan I, 3 credits)
  • K302 (Advanced Akan II, 3 credits

Bambara track:

  • B201 (Intermediate Bamana I, 3 credits)
  • B202 (Intermediate Bamana II, 3 credits)
  • B301 (Advanced Bamana I, 3 credits)
  • B302 (Advanced Bamana II, 3 credits)

Swahili track:

  • S201 (Intermediate Swahili I, 3 credits)
  • S202 (Intermediate Swahili II, 3 credits)
  • S301 (Advanced Swahili I, 3 credits)
  • S302 (Advanced Swahili II, 3 credits)

Wolof track:

  • X201 (Intermediate Wolof I, 3 credits)
  • X202 (Intermediate Wolof II, 3 credits)
  • X301 (Advanced Wolof I, 3 credits)
  • X302 (Advanced Wolof II, 3 credits)

Yoruba track:

  • Y201 (Intermediate Yoruba I, 3 credits)
  • Y202 (Intermediate Yoruba II, 3 credits)
  • Y301 (Advanced Yoruba I, 3 credits)
  • Y302 (Advanced Yoruba II, 3 credits)

Zulu track:

  • Z201 (Intermediate Zulu I, 3 credits)
  • Z202 (Intermediate Zulu II, 3 credits)
  • Z301 (Advanced Zulu I, 3 credits)
  • Z302 (Advanced Zulu II, 3 credits)

Additional Requirements: One other course selected from the following two courses for all tracks (3 credits)

  • L480 Introduction to African Linguistics
  • L481 Languages in Africa