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Collins Living-Learning Center was established in 1972 - one of the first in the country - in the MRC residence hall (traditional home of, among others, the championship IU swim teams). Eventually the LLC took over the entire MRC and was renamed after IU professor and administrator Ralph L. Collins. It has since expanded to include “the hill” (Brown and Greene) and Hillcrest (apartments for juniors and seniors). At the end of the 2014-2015 academic year, Collins said goodbye to "the hill" to make way for a new Informatics building.


Gnome, pushing a wheelbarrow Gnome, holding up a lamp Gnome, smoking a pipe


Three stained glass windows in the lobby of Edmondson Hall depict gnomes involved in different activities.  These gnomes show up on our t-shirts, in our publications, and even in our slogans (such as “Home is where the gnome is”, “We put the ‘know’ in gnome!” and “There’s no place like gnome." Similar stained glass windows appear in Goodbody Hall that formerly served as a women’s residence center in the Wells Quad on campus.