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Emily KehoeEmily Kehoe is a junior majoring in Nonprofit Management with minors in education policy, gender studies, and fundraising and resource development. She plans to work at a social service nonprofit doing grant writing and fundraising while getting her masters in education policy part time when she graduates. During this year at Collins Living Learning Center, Emily was Director of Philanthropy, a barista at the Cheshire Café, Co-Coordinator of Assistants for Welcome Week, a planner for Hogwarts Week, and a member of Community Council. Outside of Collins, Emily worked at Middle Way House and volunteered at Girls INC. She will continue her involvement in Collins through her positions as a barista and a substitute in the Collins Duty Office. Emily will also be RHA Director of Philanthropy during her senior year.


Cleo HernandezCleo Hernandez was born and raised in Carmel, Indiana, and has two younger sisters.  Currently a junior at Indiana University, she is seeking a BA in Political Science and a BSPA from SPEA in Policy Analysis, hoping to go to law school in the future, and then perhaps enter the law profession, in public interest law.  In her free time she enjoys playing Classical piano and reading, but she is also President and Treasurer of Diveristy in Action, a student organization at IU based in the Hutton Honors College.  Proud to be a Collinsite, she is an active member of Community Council and the Board of Education Programmers, and will continue to be actively involved next year in Collins, a Living Learning Center unlike any other, one that has helped her grow so much individually she feels slightly obligated but also super-enthusiastic about giving back to the community.


Sam LozaSamantha Loza is currently a senior Hudson & Holland scholar majoring in neuroscience and minoring in music. She plans on continuing to medical school after graduation with an interest in becoming a Neurologist. Samantha is an active member of Collins, and has served as secretary and co-chair of BOEP, a Q-199 instructor, a Welcome Week assistant, and has worked with Hogwarts week and as an hourly at the Collins Center Desk. She was also the recipient of the 2013 Collins Elissa Bradley scholarship for Collins spirit, of the 2014 Collins Ernest & Eva Bernhardt award for academic excellence, and was the 2013 National American Miss Indiana. Samantha enjoys singing, reading, and watching movies in her free time, and can often be found hanging around the Ed Formal Lounge, Coffeehouse, or Cheshire Café. She plans on continuing her involvement at Collins as a Q-199 instructor, a Welcome Week Assistant, co-chair of BOEP, a duty office sub, and looks forward to the fantastic year ahead.

Jack HrehaJack Hreha is a sophomore majoring in International Studies with a minor in Germanic Studies and a certificate in the Liberal Arts and Management Program. He plans to work with the Peace Corps and pursue a Masters degree in a to-be-determined field after graduation. During his first year at Collins, Jack was his floor’s representative to the Board of Governors which later helped him run and win his campaign for Collins Student Body President. He was also a radio DJ at IU’s student station WIUX and worked part time at Hoosier Hills Food Bank. In his free time Jack enjoys hiking through Bloomington’s wonderful surrounding woodlands and tossing a Frisbee around with a few friends. Jack is extremely excited to represent Collins next year and work with the brilliant minds that live and grow there.