Indiana University Bloomington




Contact our Director, Padraic Kenney, at or 812-855-1923 if you want to:

  • discuss the international visiting scholar program
  • teach a course at Collins
  • get information about extra-curricular educational programs and the Board of Educational Programming

Contact our Student Services Assistant, Leigh Davis, at or 812-855-9815 if you want to:

  • ask a general question about Collins LLC.
  • schedule a tour.
  • reserve a programming space in Collins.

Contact our Assistant Director, Lindsay Brown, at or 812-856-3025 if you want to:

  • inquire about admissions.
  • update your alumni information.

Contact our Associate Director, Yara Cl├╝ver, at or 812-855-7354 if you want to:

  • inquire about the international visiting artist program offered at Collins.
  • discuss plans for proposing a Collins Options course.
  • discuss the arts programs, publications, and facilities at Collins.

Locked out? Questions about mail or packages? Please call the Center Desk at 812-855-5553.