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The best description of Collins comes from our residents:

The Collins community houses the most diverse, yet strangely related and extremely united group of students on campus. Living here, you’ll find yourself laughing, loving, and living with genuine people you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without. With culture so wondrous, food so delicious, and people so heterogeneous, you’ll feel more ‘at home’ than you have ever felt at your own home beforeā€¦and never want to leave.
Kaylie Starkey
2012-13 resident

For four years, I spent more time at Collins than anywhere else on campus. I met my best friends, proposed marriage, learned my political beliefs, and developed an obsession with gnomes. Collins didn't just shape my life, it *was* my life.
Josh Warren
2012 resident

What I like best is that everyone here is creative and active, always coming up with new and exciting ideas and actually carrying them out for the benefit of the community.
Ronak Shah
2008-10 resident

Through the Board of Educational Programming at Collins, I help select and develop classes that are offered right here. I really feel like I have an impact on what goes on. I can't imagine living anywhere else.
Tim Gross
2005-9 resident

I lived at Collins (MRC) 1975-1977. This is what it meant to me as I reflect on those college days: Friendship, diversity, learning to live with others, great conversations, learning to value the thoughts and opinions of others and fun times!
Brad Romine
President and CEO
Dalton-Cole & Associates

Somehow I learned of Collins. Its size and location, architecture and opportunity for small classes, were all very appealingā€¦ with one exception of a man I know from law school, the only people I remain friends with now, forty years after we moved elsewhere, are people I knew at Collins. It must have appealed to all of us in some weird way that worked to connect us as compatible people- even though we all took different paths for work, where we live now, etc. It was the best part of my time at IU- up there with the NCAA winning season, in 1976, and learning to swim as an adult beginner in the old ‘women’s pool’.
Dianne L. Sawyer
Attorney at Law
Portland, OR