Welcome To Lambda Chi at Indiana University!


Letter From Our President

Dear Brothers & Friends,

Picture of President Welcome to the website for the Alpha Omicron Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha. Founded in 1917, the Lambda Chis at Indiana University have had an enormous impact on our community here in Bloomington, and to date have initiated over 2,000 brothers into the fraternity. We take immense pride in not only our chapter, but IU's Greek System and campus as a whole, and are constantly looking for ways to positively impact others around us and be good stewards that was as Lambda Chis have been taught to be. As a chapter we put precedence on things like brotherhood and friendship, and dedicate ourselves to not only our community but beyond. We take philanthropy very seriously, and are known to have one of the largest and most successful philanthropic events on campus yearly. "A Nightmare On 3rd Street" was an incredible success this year, and our brothers had an incredible time coming together to support a greater cause. Though it may appear that we as Lambda Chis are incredibly busy and involved in our house, which we are undoubtedly, we always take time to complete our academic responsibilities. We know that the reason that we are in college is to obtain a degree and go on to be productive working members in society, and we value academics above all. Our personal chapter Grade Point Average is one of the highest among fraternities on campus, and we hold ourselves accountable as a house to make sure that it stays there. When we have completed all of our responsibilities, we do like to have a good time, and one of the best and most entertaining times of the year is Little 500 week. The Lambda Chi Alpha Bike Team competes annually in this event, and we have had an incredibly successful past when it comes to the Men's Bike race. This, along with Homecoming, is truly one of the greatest times of the year, and we welcome a large amount of alumni back to our house at these times. Our alumni relations are strong, and try hard to keep brothers of the Alpha Omicron chapter involved in the fraternal experience for life. Again, welcome to our website, where we hope you will gain insight on who we are, and what are chapter is up to. We hope that you will stay a while and we invite you to check out the links and resources you see before you. Also, if you are interested in recruitment make sure to check out our "Rush" page where you can find out how you too can become a Lambda Chi. Thank you again for visiting our website, and we hope that you have a successful and healthy year, and always remember that we are fraternally yours in ZAX.


Will Disinger

President, Lambda Chi Alpha