Our Bike Team


Lambda Chi Alpha has a rich history of participating in and winning the Men's Little 500 Bike Race. Little 500, or Little 5 as it is colloquially known, is an annual bike race that takes place ever spring here in Bloomington, IN. The 50 mile race was founded in 1951, and is modeled after the Indianapolis 500.The race is incredibly competitive and exciting, and is always guaranteed to be a good time.

Do you ride? We're always looking to improve our team, and if you are a rider of any ability we would love for you to contact any member on our bike team to learn more about training and competition. You can find the contact information for the captain of our bike team below. Feel free to contact him with any questions you have regarding Lambda Chi Cycling.

Sylan Nash-
(847) 609-6029


Series Events

Long before the actual event takes place, there are a number of events that occur to put racer's training to the test. These events include:

  1. Qualifications- Teams participate in a mock time trial race to qualify for the actual Little 500 race
  2. Individual Time Trials- Essentially individual qualifications
  3. Miss-N-Out- Mock race with heats of 5-8 riders
  4. Team Pursuit- Two teams of four race in a pace line for 15 laps


Media Coverage

Over the years, Little 500 has grown in popularity, and he gained significant coverage by the national media. In 1979, a movie, Breaking Away, was made about the event, and since then many celebrities including Lance Armstrong, Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama have been in attendance.

"I've attended Super Bowls, World Series and the Monaco Grand Prix, but the coolest event that I ever attended was the Little 500" - Seven Time Tour de France Winner, Lance Armstrong

Our Sponsors

The team is in full preparation for the upcoming race on April 20th 2013. Returning five veteran riders and introducing several rookies to the squad the team is excited for race day. Of course the team would not be where it is today without the generous support of our sponsors. The aid they have given our team has helped to pay for training equiptment, bikes, tune ups, gear among even more. The team could not be more grateful for the companies that have decided to support our team!

Diamond Sponsors

Royal United Mortgage


Silver Sponsors

Wealth & Pension Services Group

Moore Kemp LLP

Greenwood Orthopaedics

German American Bank

Bronze Sponsors

Honey Baked Ham

Malcom Webb Wealth Management

The Hizzy