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Georgi Marinov

Post-Doctoral Researcher


(812) 856-0115


Ph.D. 2014 Biology, California Institute of Technology
B.S. 2008 Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


My research interests are focused on the evolution of gene regulatory mechanisms and the use of functional genomics tools to understand it. In the last few years, the combination of technological advances in sequencing technology and the major advances in the experimental and analytical functional genomic toolkit, in particular originating from the ENCODE and modENCODE consortia, have made possible the genome-wide functional genomic characterization of the regulatory biology of any species.

On a general level, eukaryotes in the ciliate clade are of great interest from that perspective, due to the separation of somatic and germline genomes that is typical to the group, the dramatic reorganization of the genome that is associated with the transition between the two, and the unusual somatic genome organization that has evolved in some lineages within the group.

Within ciliates, the Paramecium aurelia species complex and other Paramecium species represent a unique system among all eukaryotes for understanding the mechanisms and driving forces of the evolution of gene regulation. The P. aurelia complex consists of at least fifteen morphologically identical but in fact deeply diverging (hundreds of millions of years ago) species, with genomes characterized by a large number of genes, the result of two rounds of whole genome duplication (WGD) preceding their divergence (the WGD events are not shared with other Paramecium species). All Paramecium somatic genomes have very short intergenic regions and introns, suggesting potentially simplified regulatory grammar compared to multicellular organisms, and all Paramecium species are characterized by very high estimated effective population sizes. All previous studies comparing the gene regulatory landscapes between different species have been limited to metazoans (flies and mammals), leaving open numerous questions about how and whether the patterns observed generalize to organisms with very different genomic and population genetic characteristics.

My project involves the mapping of transcription factor binding sites and regulatory states in the genomes of the different Paramecium species, using functional genomic techniques, and their comparison, which will allow these questions to be addressed.


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