United States Hapkido Federation Seminar

When: October 6th 2007 - 10:00am-5:00pm
Place: Indiana University HPER Room 169
Sponsor: United States Hapkido Federation
Description: We will have a full list of presenters and Dan rank candidates soon!

TKD Belt Testing

When: Wednesday, June 27th 5:30pm
Place: HPER 163
Sponsor: IU TKD
Description: Both lower and upper belt testing will be held at this time.

Jason Winkle seminar

When: Saturday June 23rd from 3-5 pm
Place: HPER: 169
Sponsor: IU Hapkido/Self-Defense Club
Description: Jason Winkle will be holding a Kali workshop Saturday June 23rd from 3-5 pm at the IU HPER room 169. The cost is $25.

Visiting Professor Dr. Jason Winkle in Seminar

When: Thursday, March 22nd, 2007
Place: HPER Room 095
Sponsor: IU Martial Arts Program & Martial Concepts Fitness & Fighting Arts
Description: JKD trapping and CAC concepts and techniques. Recommended equipment: Training clothes. Cost: $20

IUTKD Spring Invitational Tournament

When: Saturday, March 3rd from 12-4pm
Place: HPER Wildermoth Gymn
Sponsor: IU Tae Kwon Do Club
Description: 7th Annual IU Tae Kwon Do invitational tournament. Competition will be in both forms and sparring. Registration is $15 for one or both events, spectators are allowed in for free. Sparring contestants will need their own pads. Mouth pieces and cups (for men) are required for all sparring competitors.

Dr. Jason Winkle in Seminar

When: Thur, Feb 15th 2007 - 5:30-7:30
Place: HPER 293 (may change to HPER 095)
Sponsor: IU Martial Arts Program
Description: NHB/MMA Training techniques and concepts. Recommended equipment: Training clothes, focus mitts, MMA gloves/bag gloves, boxing gloves,. Some equipment will be made available. For more information, contact

Dr. Jason Winkle - Trapping and Joint Locking

When: Will Reschedule in early January
Place: TBA
Sponsor: IU Martial Arts
Description: Jeet Kune Do concepts - More information to come

Dr. Jason Winkle: Training techniques and concepts from Kali and Penjak Silat. Stick and Empty Hand.

When: Wednesday, October 18th, 2006 5:30pm-8:00pm
Place: Indiana University HPER Building Room 293 Court 3
Sponsor: Indiana University Martial Arts Program
Description: Fee: $30 Recommended equipment: Training clothes/shoes, rattan stick, training blade. Equipment will be made available. Jason Winkle is the Founder and Chief Instructor of Martial Concepts: Fitness and Fighting Arts. Previously, Dr. Winkle shared his twenty-three years of martial arts experience with the cadets of the United States Military Academy where he served as the Director of Combatives and as a consultant with US Army Special Forces. Dr. Winkle's areas of expertise include close quarters combat, close quarters battle, martial arts, and fitness. He has published numerous books and articles in these areas. His background coupled with his energetic teaching style make him a sought after lecturer and seminar instructor. He teaches seminars both nationally and internationally. Martial Concepts is Dr Winkle's vehicle for sharing his experience in the martial arts with others. He established Martial Concepts with the intent of exposing the four ranges of combat to students in an affordable and credible system. He stresses the skill components of combative arts while developing a healthy, able-bodied, mentally balanced individual. For more information, contact

IU Tae Kwon Do Internal Tournament

When: Saturday October 21st - Noon until about 4pm
Place: HPER 163
Sponsor: Tae Kwon Do Club
Description: IU Tae Kwon Do presents their annual internal tournament

IU Martial Arts Program Fall 2006!

When: Fall '06
Sponsor: IU Martial Arts Program
Description: As the new semester begins, lets all keep in mind why we are training and strive our best to achieve our goals!

Martial Arts Sampler - Group Exercise class

Sponsor: Paul (British Ninja!)
Description: Martial Arts Sampler is back with Recreational Sports This class teaches concepts and techniques from multpile martial arts in a fast funpacked group exercise session that is free to all students at IU! COME JOIN ME AT 4:45-5PM ON WEDNESDAYS IN MS1 AT THE SRSC! Cheers Paul (British Ninja!)

Spirit Of Sport

When: September 28th, 2005
Sponsor: Rec Sports
Description: A showcase of IU's many sports clubs. Come and see all the various martial arts clubs that IU has to offer. There will be demostrations, club information and helpful people there to talk about anything you're interested in.

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