BeSt 1.0

Behavioral Stream Analysis

By Cuaucihuatl Vital and Emília P. Martins


    BeSt is a new computer program designed to facilitate the analysis of behavioral streams. Starting with data scored during focal animal samples, BeSt quickly and efficiently calculates frequencies and durations of each behavior pattern, produces transition matrices (lag-one or greater), and uses these to estimate relevant information theory parameters.

BeSt is platform-independent (it runs on both Windows and Macs), easy-to-use, and free.

Quick Start Hints:

1. Download Java and BeSt.

2. Save data and ethogram input files in the BeSt folder (see tutorial for format).

3. Run BeSt.

4. Find results in “out.doc”.



Sample Input Files

Sample Output File


Download BeSt

Focal data file (Hr:Min:S)

Focal data file (seconds)



Output file

BeSt 1.0 Tutorial


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