Tracker program Tracker Program

Tracker is a Visual Basic program we developed to conduct frame-by-frame analyses of lizard displays on Windows machines. Using it requires that you also have a recent version of QuickTime and MS Excel.

Tracker reads in *.avi or *.mov files and projects them onto the screen one frame at a time. Click the mouse on the screen, and the program will record the coordinates of the mouse click to a MS Excel file. The program will let the user click once (e.g., on the lizard's nose) or twice (e.g., also on a rock or other reference point) for each frame. Once the movie has been completed, Tracker will produce an X-Y plot (in MS Excel) of the coordinates over time.

Tracker can be downloaded and used by anyone who wants to for free. It does not, however, come with any documentation or technical support. Please reference it as:

To download Tracker, click here.

Thanks are due to Tom Ihsle, Manish Arora, and Tim Greenfield for programming help on this project.

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