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Inquiry-based teaching

This curriculum and web site is a collaboration between high school teachers and researchers. Here is a brief history of our interactions, including some personal statements:

July 2007 - Ms. Kathy Daniels (New Castle Chrystler High - funded through an NSF-RET supplement to the Animal Behavior REU) developed materials for a field trip focusing on convergent and divergent evolution for local high school classes visiting the Jordan Hall atrium. Ms. Barb Curry (Aurora High School, funded through HHMI-Summer Research Institute) assisted. Ms. Mary Jo Fuson (Bloomington North High) and Ms. Christie Skilbred (Edgewood High) also participated in the HHMI-Summer Research Institute and assisted in the zebrafish lab.

July 2006 - Ms. Deanna Soper (funded by NSF RET) and Ms. Kathy Daniels (New Castle Chrystler High - funded through HHMI-Summer Research Institutes) planned and executed an experiment measuring behavioral variation across strains of zebrafish.

January 2006 - The Martins lab obtained an RET supplement to an grant from the National Science Foundation to support an extended summer research experience for Ms. Deanna Soper (Crown Point High).

July 2005 - Three high school teachers (Ms. Vickie Bertram, Ms. Joyce Williams, Ms. Deanna Soper) participate in the HHMI-sponsored Summer Research Institute at Indiana University and are placed with the Martins lab for a research experience. During two weeks, they designed and conducted an experiment with zebrafish. During the following eight weeks, Ms. Bertram developed the experience into lesson plans for a high school biology course.




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