Contacting Mathers Museum Staff

Institutional Information
Phone: 812-855-6873
Email: mathers@indiana.edu

Kristin Brand, Fiscal Officer--kbrand@indiana.edu
Geoffrey Conrad, Director Emeritus--conrad@indiana.edu
Theresa Harley-Wilson, Registrar--tharleyw@indiana.edu
Sarah Hatcher, Head of Programs and Education--sahatche@indiana.edu
Jason Baird Jackson, Director--jbj@indiana.edu
Jon Kay, Director of Traditional Arts Indiana and Curator of Folklife and Cultural Heritage--jkay@indiana.edu
Judith A. Kirk, Assistant Director--jakirk@indiana.edu
Mark Price, Preparator--pricem@indiana.edu
Ellen Sieber, Chief Curator--esieber@indiana.edu
Matthew Sieber, Manager of Exhibitions--msieber@indiana.edu
Judith Sylvester, Conservator--jlsylves@indiana.edu
Kelly Wherley, Facilities Manager--kwherley@indiana.edu

Consulting Curators
Jennifer Goodlander (Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance)
Pravina Shukla (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)

Research Associates
Janice Frisch (Indiana University Press)
Teri Klassen (Mathers Museum of World Cultures)
Victoria Luksha (Mathers Museum of World Cultures)
Emily Buhrow Rogers (Mathers Museum of World Cultures)
Daniel C. Swan (Sam Noble Museum of Natural History)
Lijun Zhang (Guangxi Museum of Nationalities)

Graduate Assistants
Joanna Burke (Arts Administration)
Connor Martin (Arts Administration)
Meredith McGriff (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)
Emily Buhrow Rogers (Anthropology, Folklore and Ethnomusicology)
Kelley Totten (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)
Carole Pouzar (School of Music)
Maria Zeringue (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)

Policy Committee
Eric Sandweiss, Chair (History)
Heather Akou (Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design)
Fritz Breithaupt (Germanic Studies)
Diane Dallis (IU Libraries)
Michael Dylan Foster (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)
Candace Greene (Smithsonian Institution)
Carrie Hertz (Museum of International Folk Art)
Susan Seizer (Anthropology)
Michael Wilkerson (Arts Administration)

Ex officio
Ed Comentale (Office of the Vice Provost for Research)
Theresa Harley-Wilson (Mathers Museum of World Cultures)
Jason Baird Jackson (Mathers Museum of World Cultures)