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Indiana University Bloomington

Sample M.S. Biotechnology Curriculum

T500:  Project Lab in Biotechnology (3 cr.)
T680:  Writing in Biotechnology (1 cr.)

T500:  Project Lab in Biotechnology (3 cr.)
T508:  Theory and Application of Biotechnology (3 cr.)
T521:  Research Design and Ethics (2 cr.)
T501:  Topics in Biotechnology I (2 cr.)
Elective** (3 cr)

T500:  Project Lab in Biotechnology (2 cr.)
T502:  Topics in Biotechnology II (2 cr.)
T440/540:  Structure, Function, and Regulation of Biomolecules (3 cr.)
Choice of Advanced Biotechnology Lab:
T515:  Theory and Application of Biotechnology Lab 1 (3 cr.) or
T525 Protein Expression, Purification, and Characterization Lab (3 cr.)
Elective** (3 cr)

*1-year program begins at the start of the second summer session.

**Electives will be selected from an approved list of courses in Biology, Biochemistry, Business, Chemistry, Informatics, Law, Statistics, or Medical Sciences.

Fall Electives

Fall electives must add up to a total of 3 credit hours. This list is not exhaustive. If the course you are considering is not on this list, please contact the Biotechnology Program for approval.

L585 Genetics and Bioinformatics (3 cr.)
M550 Microbiology (3 cr.)
Z620 Biostatistics (3 cr.)

B503 Macromolecular Structure and Interaction (3 cr.)

X519 Life Sciences Industries from Research to Patient (1.5 cr.)

C503 Spectrometric Methods of Structural Determination (3 cr.)

C611 Epidemiology (3 cr.)
C614 Chronic Disease Epidemiology (3 cr.)
C619 Infectious Disease Epidemiology (3 cr.)

I519 Introduction to Bioinformatics (3 cr.)

B504 Introduction to Law (2 cr.)

Medical Sciences
M570 Mechanisms of Human Disease (3 cr.)

E535 International Environmental Policy (3 cr.)
E536 Environmental Chemistry (3 cr.)
E542 Hazardous Materials (3 cr.)
E555 Topics in Environmental Science:  Toxicology in the 21st century (3 cr.)
E562 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management (3 cr.)
V550 Topics in Public Affair:  Health Policy (3 cr.)

S501 Statistical Methods (3 cr.)