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Indiana University Bloomington

Accelerated BS/MS in Biotechnology

A combined 5 year accelerated BS/MS degree in biotechnology is offered (pending approval) to exceptional students that want to maximize their exposure to real world research.   The primary objective is to provide an Accelerated BS/MS track for highly motivated students that plan to obtain both BS and MS degrees in Biotechnology. This Combined degree track places students into individual research laboratories at the start of their third year allowing students to undertake MS thesis research over a three year period (years three, four and five in this combined accelerated degree program). This maximum exposure to research provides optimal training in the design and implementation of research projects well beyond what is available from a traditional sequential progression of a BS degree followed by an MS degree. Additional research exposure is highly valued by the life sciences industries who employ these majors. Students that complete this program are expected to design and implement their own experiments and rectifying technical issues with minimal supervision.


Admission to the accelerated BS/MS degree program will be limited to IU students who are declared BS majors in the Biotechnology degree program.  For admission to this program, students will submit a statement of career goals, transcripts and at least three letters of recommendation to an admissions committee during their fourth semester of study (the last semester of their sophomore year). They will then have an interview with a member of the admission committee and interviews with at least three departmental faculty who will address their willingness to accept these students into their laboratory to undertake thesis research. After 120 credit hours the students will transition from undergraduate to graduate student status.


Accelerated combined BS/MS  degree students complete the same core sciences courses as is currently described for the BS biotechnology degree with one exception. The 12 credit hours of elective science courses in other departments are replaced by 12 credit hours of T490 “Independent research” which reflects the increased research efforts of these students in years three and four.

In the fourth and fifth year the accelerated degree students also undertake most of the same “core” graduate as is described by the MS Biotechnology program with three exceptions.  The three differences  are: (1) Accelerated students will not take T500 (8 cr) “Team oriented research and instead will take 8 credits of T590 “Graduate Research” where they will continue the research projects in individual faculty labs that they initiated in year three:  (2) 12 credit hours of elective graduate courses taken by the traditional MS degree students will by substituted by 12 credit hours of T590 Graduate Research credit: (3) Accelerated students will write a Masters thesis that is submitted and approved by at least two faculty members.

College Requirements

The combined BS/MS degree fulfill the standard college requirements as described for the BS degree as is stated in the college bulletin for the current BS program. These include Foundations, Mathematics, Intensive Writing, Foreign Language, Critical Approaches, Breadth of Inquiry, and Public Oral Communication requirements.

Writing, (English Composition, Intensive Writing). Intensive Writing (IW) requirement satisfied by an IW class of BIOT-T 322. Note: To avoid schedule conflicts, Biotechnology students should enroll in an IW class of T322 as soon as they complete course prerequisites.

Mathematics, fulfilled by major.

Foreign language, three semesters in the same language or equivalent proficiency. Culture studies courses are not required.

One Critical Approaches to the Arts and Sciences 
course—students are advised to choose a course that will serve as one of the required arts and humanities or social and historical studies courses listed below.

Arts and humanities, two courses.

Social and historical studies, two courses.

Natural and mathematical sciences, fulfilled by major.

One Public Oral Communication course.

Undergraduate Course Requirements

    Chemistry requirements (15 cr. total)

    • Introductory to Chemistry C117 (lect) (3 cr) and C127 (lab) (2 cr)
    • Organic lecture I (C341) (3 cr)
    • Organic lecture II (C342) (3 cr)
    • Analytical chemistry lecture (A314) (2 cr)
    • Analytical chemistry lab (A316) (2 cr)

    Math requirements (4 to 6 cr. total)

    • Calculus I (M211) (4 cr) or Calculus II (M215) (4 cr)
      or Both survey of Calculus I and II (M119 + M120) (3 cr each)

    Statistics (3 cr. total)

    • One of the following classes in statistics is required: Math K310 or Psy K300 or LAMP L316 or Stat S300 or Stat S303 or SPEA K300.

    Physics (10 cr. total)

    • Physics I and Physics II lectures for non majors  (P201 and P202) (5 cr each) or Physics I and Physics II lectures for majors  (P221 and P222).

    Biology classes (19 cr. total)

    • BIOT-T301 Seminar in Biotechnology (1 cr)
    • BIOT-T310 Biotechnology Lecture (3 cr)
    • BIOT-T312 Societal Issues in Biotechnology  (3 cr)
    • BIOT-T315 Biotechnology Laboratory (3 cr)
    • BIOT-T322 Biotechnology Writing and Communication (3 cr)
    • BIOT-T425/T525 Laboratory in Macromolecular Production
    • BIOT-T440/T540 Structure Function and Regulation of Biomolecules (3 cr)

    12 Credit Hours of T490 Independent Research