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Indiana University Bloomington

Biotechnology Graduate Program

Welcome to the Indiana University Masters Program in Biotechnology!

Biotechnology is an area that has seen significant growth in global employment. In the state of Indiana, jobs in the Biotechnology sector have increased to nearly 60,000 from 2001 to 2010, a 14% increase. In contrast, total private sector jobs declined over this span, largely due to the recession.* The Indiana University Graduate Biotechnology Program was initiated in 2009 to train students for employment in the biotechnology industry. Successful students in the one-year training program receive a Masters degree in Biotechnology.  Recent graduates have obtained positions in companies that manufacture macromolecules, agricultural chemicals, or that conduct pharmaceutical Research and Development. Several students have joined law firms dealing with intellectual property. Some graduates used the research experience gained from the program to transition to Ph.D. degrees. lab

A featured training platform in the Biotechnology Masters program includes the possibility to conduct three-semesters of research on bacterial antibiotic resistance. In 2012 a program to train students to manufacture and analyze biomolecules was initiated. The students can also substitute the research project with internships in research laboratories at IU or companies in the area, provided that a suitable training plan can be established.  In addition to research or internships, the students take courses designed to develop critical thinking, quantitative analysis, writing and presentation skills, as well as gain a strong foundation in molecular science.

The faculty in the Biotechnology program provides rigorous training in a collegial and supportive atmosphere.  Please contact us if you have questions about the program.
* Battelle/Bio State Bioscience Industry Development 2012 report.


C. Cheng Kao, Ph.D., Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry
Phone: (812) 855-7959

Assistant Director, Graduate Program:

Megan Dunn, Ph.D., Lecturer, Internship Coordinator
Phone: (812) 855-0848

Assistant Director, Graduate Program:

Robert Vaughan, Ph.D., Lecturer
Phone: (812) 856-1467