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Indiana University Bloomington

Graduate Minor in Biotechnology

Students who wish to minor in biotechnology must complete at least 6 credit hours from the following list below of graduate coursework in biotechnology, with an average of B (3.0) or above.

  1. T501 Topics in Biotechnology I:  Biochemical Instrumentation (2 cr.) This is a graduate level laboratory that is focused on biotechnology instrumentation used to characterize proteins.  Students will learn theory as well as gain hands-on training in mass spectrometry, spectroscopic analysis of protein-ligand interactions, and capillary electrophoresis.  Data generated will be used to develop lab reports.
  2. T502 Topics in Biotechnology II:  Mammalian Tissue Culture (2 cr.) This graduate level laboratory course that is designed to guide students through culturing and manipulations of different mammalian cell lines.  Students will gain hands-on experience culturing cells, performing cell-based assays, and data interpretation.
  3. T508 Theory and Application of Biotechnology Lecture (3 cr.)
    This course teaches concepts of molecular and cellular biology and biochemistry to help understand recent advances made in biotechnology.
  4. T515 Theory and Application of Biotechnology Lab (3 cr.) Students will learn advanced laboratory techniques currently used in biotechnology, with a focus on the application of molecular genetics and recombinant DNA technology.
  5. T521 Research Design and Ethics (2 cr.) This course focuses on proper design and validation of experiments and means of ethical treatment of subjects, materials and reporting of experimental data.  Case studies involving data mismanagement will be covered.
  6. T525 Protein Expression, Purification, and Expression Lab (3 cr.)
    This is a laboratory course that is focused on the expression of proteins in a variety of systems ranging from E. coli, yeast, and tissue culture.  The students are involved in optimizing [protein expression and in affinity protein isolation.  They also do biophysical characterization of their isolated proteins.
  7. T540 Structure and Function of Biomolecules (3 cr.)
    This applied biochemistry course provides mechanistic and applied analysis of proteins, enzymes and nucleic acids.  Students also critique scientific papers and write ideas, as well as research mechanism of action of specific drugs and presents on them.
  8. B680 Special Topics:  Writing in Biotechnology (1 cr.)
  9. B680 Special Topics:  Entrepreneurship and Research (2 cr.)