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Indiana University Bloomington

Minor in Biotechnology

A “Minor in Biotechnology” curriculum has been designed to offer exposure of the field of Biotechnology to individuals who are majoring in other areas of science as well as in areas outside of the sciences.  This minor was designed to help those wishing to look for industrial jobs at pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies such as Eli Lilly or Dow Agrosciences.  Please check out our Career Opportunities page to find information about the jobs that these types of companies provide.

BIOL-M 250 Microbiology (3 cr.)

BIOT-T 310 Biotechnology Lecture (3 cr.)

At least 10 additional credit hours chosen from:

    • BIOT-T 215 Diagnostic and Forensic Biotechnology Laboratory (3 cr.)**
    • BIOT-T 270 Alcohol and the Science of Fermentation (3 cr.)**
    • BIOT-T 301 Seminar in Biotechnology (1 cr.)
    • BIOT-T 312 Societal Issues in Biotechnology (3 cr.) P: BIOL-L 112.
    • BIOT-T 315 Biotechnology Laboratory (3 cr.)
    • BIOT-T 322 Biotechnology Writing and Communication (3 cr.)
    • BIOT-T 425 Laboratory in Molecular Production, Purification, and Characterization (3 cr.)
    • BIOT-T 440 Structure, Function, and Regulation of Biomolecules (3 cr.)
    • BIOT-T 490 Independent Research in Biotechnology (1-3 cr.)

**Additional courses must include at least 6 hours at the 300/400 level.

  Please check the College or Arts and Sciences Bulletin for your matriculation date to be sure of the current requirements.  (