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Indiana University Bloomington

Biotechnology Seminar Series

Fall 2015, Thursdays 5:30pm, SI001

Sept 24

Kevin Jarrell (CEO, Modular Genetics, Inc) "Designer Microbes Make Green Surfactants" Host: Giedroc

Oct 1 Patrick Donahue (Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Executive Director for Career Development. CDC.) "Resume Writing and Interviewing" Host: Sultana
Oct 22 Adam Zlotnick (CoFounder, Chair, HBV & Virology SAB Assembly Biosciences) "Assembling an Antiviral Company in an Academic Environment" Host: Sultana
Oct 29 Derrick R. Witcher (Research Fellow and group leader. Lilly Research Laboratory) "Biotech Discovery Research: Biologics - Therapeutic Antibodies" Host: Kao
Nov 5 "Internship Night" Host: Magill
Nov 12 Joanne Kamens (Executive Director, Addgene) "Smooth Transitions—Taking the First Steps to a Fulfilling Career in Science" Host: Kao
Nov 19 "Life on the Job" Host: Magill
Dec 3 Richard Wagner (CEO, PhycoBiologics) - Aavet Therapeutics: Immunotherapy for Cancers - Host: Vaughan

Spring 2016, Thursdays, 5:30pm, SI001, TBA

Jan 21

Career Fair Prep: Networking and Interviewing,
Arts and Sciences Career Services

Feb 4 Steve Johns (President & Founder of Confluence Pharmaceuticals) "Confluence Pharmaceuticals: A Virtual Drug Development Company" Host: Vaughan
Feb 11 Life on the Job
Feb 18 Steve Nail (Merck) "An Introduction to Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying" Host: Magill
Mar 3 Scott Walker (Merck & Co., Inc.) "New Antibiotics: Targeting Riboflavin Biosynthesis" Host: Magill
Mar 10 Bryan P. Schneider, MD (The Vera Bradley Investigator
Director of the Indiana University Health Precision Genomics Program
Associate Director of the Indiana Institute for Personalized Medicine
Associate Professor of Medicine & Medical/Molecular Genetics
Indiana University Simon Cancer Center)"Clinical implementation of genomics and pharmacogenetics in cancer care" Host: Magill
Mar 24 Jack Gill Series - "Life Science Entrepreneurship"
Mar 31 Jack Gill Series - "Life Science Entrepreneurship"
April 7 Jack Gill Series - "Life Science Entrepreneurship"
April 14 Jack Gill Series - "Life Science Entrepreneurship"


Past Seminar Series

The biotechnology seminar series has been available to IU students since the fall 2006 semester. Here, you can find schedules from past semesters.