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Indiana University Bloomington

Biotechnology Seminar Series

Fall 2015, Thursdays 5:30pm, SI001

Sept 24

Kevin Jarrell (CEO, Modular Genetics, Inc) "Designer Microbes Make Green Surfactants" Host: Giedroc

Oct 1 Patrick Donahue (Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Executive Director for Career Development. CDC.) "Resume Writing and Interviewing" Host: Sultana
Oct 22 Adam Zlotnick (CoFounder, Chair, HBV & Virology SAB Assembly Biosciences) "Assembling an Antiviral Company in an Academic Environment" Host: Sultana
Oct 29 Derrick R. Witcher (Research Fellow and group leader. Lilly Research Laboratory) "Biotech Discovery Research: Biologics - Therapeutic Antibodies" Host: Kao
Nov 5 "Internship Night" Host: Magill
Nov 12 Joanne Kamens (Executive Director, Addgene) "Smooth Transitions—Taking the First Steps to a Fulfilling Career in Science" Host: Kao
Nov 19 "Life on the Job" Host: Magill
Dec 3 Richard Wagner (CEO, PhycoBiologics) - Aavet Therapeutics: Immunotherapy for Cancers - Host: Vaughan

Spring 2016, Thursdays, 5:30pm, SI001, TBA

Past Seminar Series

The biotechnology seminar series has been available to IU students since the fall 2006 semester. Here, you can find schedules from past semesters.