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Indiana University Bloomington

Biotechnology Seminar Series

Fall 2013, Thursdays 5:30pm, SI001

September 5th   Pat Donahue, IU Career Development Center, "Career Fair Preparation and Resume Workshop"
September 19th   David Zarley, Vice President, Vaccines Development Management, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, "Vaccinology 101" Host: Kao
October 3rd   "How to Apply for Post-Graduate Education" Host: Magill
October 10th   "Life on the Job" Host: Magill
October 17th   Derrick Witcher, Senior Research Advisor, Eli Lily, "Biotech Discovery Research: Therapeutic Antibodies and PK/PD" Host: Dunn
October 24th   Lori Ball, COO, Biostorage Technologies, "Selling Yourself to Industry"
November 7th   Nathan Gould, Director of Research, Metaugus NPRI, Inc, "A Perspective on a Career in Chemical Research" Host: Dunn
November 14th   Kathy Fosnaugh, Director, Youtell Biochemical Inc, "Exploits & Exploitation in Biotech:  from RNA Therapeutics to Enzyme Production" Host: Magill
November 21st   Tom Shryock, Senior Research Advisor, Elanco Animal Health, "Drug Development and Antibiotic Resistance" Host: Dunn
December 5th   Paul Domanico, Senior Director of Research and Development, Clinton Health Access Initiative, "Optimizing First-Line Treatment of HIV for Low Resource Settings: An R&D Case Study" Host: Zlotnick

Spring 2014, Thursdays, 5:30pm, SI001

January 23rd   Kwok Yeung, VP Research and Development, CEO, Sun Diagnostics, "Diagnosis of Diabetes by HbA1c" Host: Magill
January 30th   Marc Pelletier, CEO of Aeromics, LLC & Host of Futures in Biotech Podcast, "Aquaporins as Targets for Controlling Water Physiology, Pharmacological Proof-of-Concepts" Host: Vaughan
March 13th   Scott Sheehan, Director, Discovery Chemistry Research and Technology, Eli Lilly, "Topics in Lead Generation" Host: Zlotnick
April 3rd   Lee Swem, Genentech Scientist, "Therapeutic Antibody Treatment for Severe Influenza Infection" Host: Bauer
April 10th   Vic Vinci, CSO & VP of Cook Pharmica, "Current Perspectives on the Biotechnology Industry" Host: Kao
April 17th   Lino Gonzalez, Senior Scientist, Genetec, "Development of Functional Protein Microarray and Automated Expression Cloning Platforms for Extracellular Receptor-ligand Discovery: Applications in Identifying Novel Viral-host Interactions" Host: Kao
April 24th   Christopher Frye, Goup Leader in Bioprocess R&D, Eli Lilly, "History and Transformation of Biotechnology at Lilly: An 'Expression' Perspective", Host: Bauer


Past Seminar Series

The biotechnology seminar series has been available to IU students since the fall 2006 semester. Here, you can find schedules from past semesters.