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Student and Alumni Highlights - Celebrating Student Success

Featured below are both current and former undergraduate and graduate students in the biotechnology program who have gained research experience and academic honors.

These students are exceptional, but they are not alone. Students from around the world come to IU to study life science and prepare themselves for future careers in both industry and academia.

See what IU’s Biotechnology Training Program has to offer.

Current Students

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Successful Graduates

Class of 2014

Class of 2013

Class of 2012

Class of 2011 and previous

Current Undergraduate Students

Our senior class has a number of excellent students.  Amanda Garbers was an intern at Dow Agrosciences during the summer of 2014, while Tim Vazquez, Malorie Meyer, and Alex Meiring all interned at Cook Pharmica.  Dylan Siniard, also a senior, did an internship at the Translational Genomics Research Institute in Phoenix, AZ during summer 2013. All five of these students are also involved in independent research projects on campus during the academic year. 
We also have two juniors who are Co-Presidents of the Biotechnology Club, Haleigh Eppler and Ari Stoner.  Ari is researching in Clay Fuqua’s lab with funding from the American Society for Microbiology.  In addition, Taylor Alexander is working in Dr. Liang-shi Li's research lab on new sources of renewable carbon energy.

Current Graduate Students

Brandon Murphy just graduated in May from our Biotechnology Undergraduate program and has decided to stay in the department for the MS.  He has worked with Robert Vaughan studying post-translational modifications on the brome mosaic virus coat protein as an undergrad, and continuing this project for his master’s work.  Additionally, Brandon has begun to work on a collaboration with Reclaim-   RX, a local biotechnology startup company.   Leah Palmer is working with Soni Lacefield's lab after having completed a BS in Microbiology and receiving Honors for "Effects of Bacteriocin Production on Competition between Two Sympatric Xenorhabdus Species" in Farrah Bashey-Visser's lab.  In addition, Eric Mauser, BS from Class of 2010, has been working at the Drosophila Genomics Resource Center and taking classes in the master’s program part-time.  He will be finishing his master’s degree this year.  Another graduate student, Cameron Holzmeyer earned his BS in Biochemistry at Purdue University.  As an undergrad, he researched chromatin remodeling effects on gene expression and histone methyltransferases in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.  He is currently working for Karen Bush on beta-lactamases.

Successful Graduates

Class of 2014:  We had several excellent undergraduates finish this past spring.  Both Taylor Graham and Alyssa Yeung will be applying for Medical School, and Rashmi Joglekar will be attending Duke University to study Toxicology.  Chris Bays who will be finishing soon, is currently in a pre-MD/PhD program and will be applying for MD/PhD programs.  Ian Babb is attending Boston University Dental school while Nicole Jansing has recently secured a research position in Colorado. 
Our graduate students have been very successful.  Christopher Schlicksup has been accepted into the Biochemistry graduate program here at IU and will begin this fall.  David Chen has obtained a one year internship at Eli Lilly and M. Frank Harding is employed in protein manufacturing at Elanco.  Jason Deer has stayed with the department of Biochemistry to work on antivirals for hepatitis B virus with Adam Zlotnick. 

Class of 2013:  Several students from the class of 2013 have gone on to graduate school (Ryan Kessens, Gina Gordon, and Michael Andreas in plant physiology, microbiology, and biochemistry, respectively).  In addition, Tyler Schwartz and Cassie Xu are now in medical school while Sarah (Erb) Heck is working at Eli Lilly.
After earning their MS degrees, Mark Estabrook and Henry Li at now employed at International Health Management Associated (IHMA) in Schaumberg, IL.   Jackie Vasseur is a Quality Control chemist at Baxter here in Bloomington.  Evan Castetter is a Biologist with the Advanced testing Laboratory in Indianapolis. 

Class of 2012:  This was a large class at both the MS and BS levels.  Brad Griesenauer, Ruolin Wang, Chen Khuan Wong, and Chin Jian Yang are all attending graduate school to earn PhDs.  Amirah Alias, Syafiqah Ishak, Samal Zhussupbekova, and David Osiecki are working on or have recently earned their  MS degrees.  Dane Fritz has just begun Medical School after working for Dow Agrosciences, and Alina Pawchareune is employed at Eli Lilly.  Kirk Nelson is an Authoring Specialist II at MSDSonline.
Our graduate students were equally excellent.  Jiaqi Zheng, Yu Zheng, and Kevin Bruce stayed at IU to work in labs.  Jiaqi is now enrolled in a PhD program.  Cullen Taylor is enrolled in medical school.  Sureka Gattu, Dustin Houghton, and Megan Pannell are in PhD programs elsewhere.  Scott Bauer is a research scientist at Eli Lilly while Brian Watson is currently employed at Syngenta.  Josh Astin and Juna Summerton completed their J.D. degrees and are both working as Patent Attorneys.

2011 and previous:  Laura Newman, Andres Morera, Zhanar Abil, and Brice Floyd are all in graduate school earning PhDs.  Vic Simianu and Eric Andreoli entered Kelley School of business and are now working in the business of life sciences.  Jessica Walter has earned her JD degree while Tyler Droste has earned his MS here at IU and is now in law school.

Katii McNamee and Veena Ganesh who earned their MS degrees were accepted for further schooling.  Katii is earning her PhD at IUPUI while Veena has a degree in genetic counseling and is employed as such.   Wei Dong has earned an MPH at Emory University and works at Children's Healthcare of AtlantaLi Wang is in grad school at Wake Forest University.  Leslie Prill also earned her JD while pursuing her MS and is employed as an Intellectual Property attorney in Denver.


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