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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

We offer a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biotechnology that provides students with hands-on training in scientific principles as well as specific concepts, techniques, and applications used by laboratory researchers in the biotechnology field. We also offer a Minor in Biotechnology for students obtaining a degree in other fields that want exposure to the rapidly growing and highly employable biotechnology field.

Our new Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biotechnology is designed for students who may want to work in areas of biotechnology that require a science background, but not in a research field.. Students with a BA in Biotechnology can also obtain a second degree in areas such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, Human Biology, Psychology, Business, and more. In partnership with the Kelly School of Business, the BA curriculum contains life sciences business classes so graduates obtain knowledge and skills that will be useful in the marketing, sales, and finance areas of biotechnology.

Students may also pursue a combined Bachelor and Master of Science (BS/MS) degree in Biotechnology. The combined BS/MS degree is designed to maximize research opportunities for our top students. Students interested in this 5 year combined undergraduate/graduate degree program will apply for admission to the degree program after their sophomore year. Admitted BS/MS students will be accepted into individual research laboratories to undertake independent research projects under the supervision of faculty members, advanced graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows.

Be sure to visit our Career Opportunities page, where you can learn about how IU’s biotechnology program opens doors to numerous jobs in pharmaceutical and agricultural industries, as well as opportunities to attend professional schools or pursue graduate programs that offer MS and PhD degrees in the sciences.

More information can be obtained from the BIOT Undergraduate Advisor:

Carlin C. Schrag, Academic Advisor, Indiana University, Simon Hall 102A.
E-mail:, Phone: 812-855-9511. 

Nancy Magill, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Indiana University, Classroom Office Building, 205

Email:, Phone:  812-856-5978.