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Indiana University Bloomington

Program Highlights

  • Students take established courses from several departments including Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, and Physics.
  • Lecture and Laboratory Courses in Biotechnology emphasizing basic and applied information concerning therapeutic compounds and biological macromolecules.
  • Course on Societal Issues of Biotechnology, including aspects of intellectual property.
  • Courses on Biotechnology Writing, including reading scientific literature and writing labStandard Operating Procedures.
  • Option to take a course in Biochemistry emphasizing biotechnology applications.
  • New laboratory course on protein purification and characterization.
  • Internships in industry encouraged as well as independent research experience in IUB laboratories.
  • Lecture series with guest speakers discussing topics in Biotechnology and Biotechnology-related jobs in industry and academia.
  • Opportunity to continue training and obtain M.S. Degree in Biotechnology in one additional year after the B.S. Biotechnology degree.
  • Students are encouraged to join research laboratories and perform research that can lead to honors theses.