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Indiana University Bloomington

Faculty from several departments participate in our Graduate Program. They are listed according to the following research area.

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Faculty Member Contact Research Areas

Carl Bauer


SI 305A
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The regulation of gene expression by environmental factors such as light and oxygen; Differentiation of bacteria into different cell types

Stephen Bell
SI 405A
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The mechanistic and regulatory parameters that govern DNA replication, gene transcription and cell division.

Matthew L. Bochman
Assistant Professor
SI 405B
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The maintenance of genomic integrity with a focus on DNA helicases and other factors involved in DNA replication, recombination, and repair; the evolution of DNA helicases.

Lingling Chen
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
SI 305B
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Mechanistic understanding of molecular chaperone functions and bacterial infections.

Jared Cochran
Assistant Professor
SI 405C
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Development of a metal switch for controlling the activity of P-loop NTPases; kinetic and thermodynamic investigations of unconventional kinesin-microtubule systems; high resolution structural and mechanistic studies of tubulin-protein interactions
Jim Drummond
Associate Professor
SI 305C
856- 4184
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Limited alphabet coding sequences and proteins: a minimalist approach to structure and function
Cheng Kao
SI 209
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Biochemistry of RNA virus infection and innate immunity

Hengyao Niu
Assistant Professor


SI 400A
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Detection and Repair of DNA breaks with a focus on Homologous Recombination (HR) mediated DNA double-strand break (DSB) repair, interplay of DNA repair machinery and chromatin structures.

Craig Pikaard
Carlos O. Miller Professor
Myers Hall 300
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Mechanisms of RNA-mediated gene silencing and large-scale epigenetic control
Susanne Ressl
Assistant Professor
SI 200C
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Structure Biology of Membrane Proteins; Mechanisms of bacterial and mammalion ion and molecule transport; cell adhesion and regulation of membrane lipid composition; Method development in Membrane Protein X-Ray Crystallography.
Joshua Ziarek
Assistant Professor

Deciphering the conformational dynamics of GPCR activation using biophysical, biochemical and cell-based approaches.

Adam Zlotnick
SI 220A
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Biophysics of virus assembly related to virus biology, development of antiviral strategies, and construction of virus nanostructures


Adjunct Faculty

Faculty Member Contact Research Areas
Karen Bush
Adjunct Professor,
Department of Biology

SI 102B

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Define mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria; determine the susceptibility of resistant pathogens to new antibiotics.
Charles Dann III
Associate Professor,
Department of Chemistry
SI 320D
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Protein structure-based drug design targeting cells involved in epithelial cancer and autoinflammatory disease. Biochemical, mechanistic, and X-ray crystallographic analyses of regulatory RNAs; developing riboswitch-based molecular sensors
Richard DiMarchi
Professor, Department of Chemistry
CH A508
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Structure-activity relationships of macromolecules
Bogdan Dragnea
Provost Professor, Department of Chemistry
CH C231B
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Virus-based biomaterials; biophotonics; biophysical chemistry of virus self-assembly; methodologies for measuring microscopic dynamics in supramolecular complexes.
David P. Giedroc
Professor, Department of Chemistry
SI 320C
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Metal sensor proteins in pathogenic bacteria; NMR structural studies of regulatory RNAs in mammalian RNA viruses.
Richard Hardy
Department of Biology
SI 220E
856- 0652
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Genome functions of RNA viruses and the roles of trans-acting factors
Scott Michaels
Professor, Department of Biology

MY 316C


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Regulation of chromatin structure and gene expression by epigenetic modifications
Tuli Mukhopadhyay
Associate Professor,
Department of Biology
SI 220C
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Structure and assembly of enveloped, RNA viruses Alphavirus Structure and Assembly

Martha G. Oakley

Department of Chemistry

SI 320A
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Bacterial chromosome segregation; coiled coil proteins; structure and function of condensins and other structural maintenance of chromosomes proteins.

Jonathan P. Schlebach

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

SI 320B


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Folding, processing, and quality control of integral membrane proteins in the cell; high –throughput characterization of rare mutations in disease-linked integral membrane proteins.
Malcolm E. Winkler
Professor of Biology, Microbiology Section Associate Chair
JH A414
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Genomics and Bioinformatics, Microbial Cell Biology and Environmental Responses, and Microbial Interactions and Pathogenesis.
Michael VanNieuwenhze
Department of Chemistry
SI 200A
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Synthesis, study, and design of antibiotics that inhibit bacterial cell wall biosynthesis; peptidoglycan biosynthesis and bacterial cell morphology; development of HBV capsid-binding probes and assembly-directed antivirals; oxidized phospholipids in disease and diagnostics.



Faculty Member Contact Research Areas
Rachel Samson
Assistant Research Scientist
SI 400B
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DNA replication.