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Indiana University Bloomington

Faculty from several departments participate in our Graduate Program. They are listed according to the following research area.

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Cheng KaoCheng Kao

Professor, Director Biotechnology, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Department

Office: Simon Hall 209

Phone: 812/855-7583

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BS, Microbiology and Biology, University of Michigan
PhD, Microbiology, Michigan State University


We are interested in both basic and applied studies of how RNA viruses interact with the host cell. The lab has three interrelated areas of focus, and these have the potential to enrich each other.

Representative Publications

Rao A. L. N., and C. Kao. 2015. The Brome mosaic virus 3’ untranslated sequence regulates RNA replication, recombination and virion assembly. Virus Res. 206, 46-52.

Wen Y, X. Lin, B. Fan, C.T. Ranjith-Kumar, and C. Kao. 2015. The juxtamembrane sequence of the hepatitis C virus polymerase regulates RNA synthesis and affects sensitivity to active site allosteric inhibitors.  Virus Genes 51: 1-11.  

Kitayama M., H. Hoover, S. Middleton, and C. C. Kao. 2015. Brome mosaic virus infection of rice results in decreased accumulation of RNA1. Mol. Plant-Micro. Interact. 28: 626-632.

Saha S., D. Singh, E. Raymond, R. Ganesan, G. Caviness, C. Grimaldi, J. Woska, D. Mennerich, S.-E. Brown, M. L. Mbow, and C. C. Kao. 2015. Signal transduction and intracellular trafficking by the interleukin 36 receptor. J. Biol. Chem. 290:23997-24006.

Fan B., F. X. Reymond, K. Y. G.D. Syu, S. Middleton, G. Yi, K.Y. Lu, C. S. Chen, and C. C. Kao. 2015. Heterogeneous ribonucleoprotein K (hnRNP K) binds miR-122, a mature liver-specific microRNA required for Hepatitis C virus replication. Molec. Cell. Proteom. 14: 2878-2886.

Jin Z., K. Tucker, X. Lin, C. Cheng Kao, K. Shaw, H. Tan, J. Symons, V. K.  Rajwanshi, N. Dyatkina, G. Wang, L. Beigelman, J. Deval. 2015. Biochemical evaluation of the inhibition properties of Favipiravir (T-705) and 2’-C-methyl-cytidine triphosphates against human and mouse norovirus RNA polymerases. Antimicr. Agents and Chemo. 59: 7504-7516.

Tsvetkova I. B., G. Yi, Y. Yi, C. C. Kao, and B. G. Dragnea. 2015. Segmented GFP-like aptamer probes for functional imaging of viral genome trafficking. Virus Res. 210:291-297.

Hu Z., X. Hu, S. He, H. J. Yim, J. Xiao, M. Swaroop, C. Tanega, Y. Zhang, G. Yi, C. Cheng Kao, J. Marugan, M. Ferrer, W. Zhang, N. Southall, and T. J. Liang. 2015. Identification of novel anti-HCV agents by a quantitative high throughput screen in a cell-based infection assay. Antiviral Res. 124:20-29. 

Yi G., Wen Y., C. Shu, Q. Han, K. V. Konan, P. Li, and C. C. Kao. 2016. Genotype-specific inhibition of hepatitis C virus replication by cyclic GMP-AMP that activates STING-mediated immune responses. J. Virol. Oct 14. pii: JVI.01720-15.

Rolfsson O, S. Middleton S. Manfield I, B. Fan B., R. Vaughan, S. J. White, K, Toropova, N. A. Ranson, E. Dykeman, R. Twarock, J. Ford, C. C. Kao, and P.G. Stockley. 2016. Direct evidence for packaging signal-mediated assembly of bacteriophage MS2. J. Mol. Biol. (in press).