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Faculty from several departments participate in our Graduate Program. They are listed according to the following research area.

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Adam ZlotnickAdam Zlotnick

Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Department

Office: Simon Hall 220A

Phone: 812/856-1925

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BA, Biology, University of Virginia
PhD, Biology, Purdue University


Our broad goal is to examine the structure and assembly of protein oligomers, determining structures of products, reactants and intermediates, and correlating them with solution studies. A major focus of the lab is to understand the biophysics of virus capsid assembly. The capsid of a spherical of virus is assembled from multiples of 60 protein subunits, arranged with icosahedral symmetry. All projects in the lab involve multimeric viral proteins and enzymes.

Representative Publications

Tan, Z, Pionek, K, Unchwaniwala, N, Maguire, ML, Loeb, DD A Zlotnick (2015) The interface between HBV capsid proteins affects self-assembly, pgRNA packaging, and reverse transcription. J Virol, epub Jan 7.

Harms, ZD, Haywood, DG, Kneller, AR, Selzer, L, Zlotnick, A, Jacobson, SC (2015) Single-Particle Electrophoresis in Nanochannels. Analytical Chemistry 6, 699-705.

Kukreja, A, Wang, J C-Y, Pierson, EE, Kiefer, DZ, Dragnea, B, Jarrold, MF, Zlotnick, A (2014) Structurally Similar Woodchuck and Human Hepadnavirus Core Proteins Have Distinctly Different Temperature Dependences of Assembly. J Virol, 24, 14105-15.

Selzer, L, Katen, SP, Zlotnick, A (2014) Structural Changes at the HBV Core Protein Intra-dimer Interface Modulate Capsid Assembly and Stability. Biochemistry  53, 5496-504. PMC4151697

Wang, J C-Y, Nickens, DG, Lenz, TB, Loeb, DD, Zlotnick, A (2014) Encapsidated hepatitis B virus reverse transcriptase is poised on an ordered RNA lattice. PNAS 111, 11329-34. PMC4128116
to be presented in the textbook: Flint et al, Principles of Virology

Pierson, EE, Kiefer, DZ, Selzer, L, Lee, LS, Contino, NC, Wang, JC-Y, Zlotnick, A, Jarrold, MF (2014) Detection of Late Intermediates in Virus Capsid Assembly by Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry. JACS 136, 3536-41.  PMC3985884

Kler, S, Wang, J C-Y, Dhason, M, Oppenheim, A, Zlotnick, A (2013) Scaffold properties are a key determinant of the size and shape of self-assembled virus-derived particles. ACS Chemical Biology 8, 2753-61. PMC3870028

Katen, SP, Tan, Z, Chirapu, SR, Finn, MG, Zlotnick, A (2013) The structure of HBV is distorted by phenylpropenamide assembly effectors. Structure 21, 1406-16. PMC3756818

Zlotnick, A, Porterfield, JZ, Wang, JC-Y (2013) To build a virus on nucleic acid substrates. Biophysical Journal 104, 1595-1604.  PMC3617413

Tan, Z., Maguire, M. Loeb, D.D., Zlotnick, A. (2013) Genetically altering the thermodynamics and kinetics of Hepatitis B Virus capsid assembly has profound effects on virus replication in cell culture. J Virol 87-3208-16. PMC3592155

Li, L., Chirapu, SR, Finn, Zlotnick, A (2013). Phase diagrams map the properties of anti-viral agents directed against Hepatitis B virus core assembly. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemother 57, 1505-8. PMC3591873