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Indiana University Bloomington

STUDENT Achievements

Exceptional Prelim Peglow Award Recipients

In the van Kessel laboratory, we study how bacterial cells reconfigure gene expression in response to changes in population dynamics through a process known as quorum sensing. We have discovered that a family of DNA binding proteins, known as nucleoid-associated proteins, are involved in this reconfiguration. My project seeks to investigate the mechanisms by which these proteins control transcription along side the quorum sensing master regulator, LuxR, on a global scale.


Ryan Chaparian, Fall 2016

My study is focusing on investigation of bacterial cell wall synthesis. How bacteria build their cell wall to coordinate growth and division remains unclear. The use of genetic engineering, with the combination of newly designed fluorescence probes and microscopy, allowed us to study the dynamics and mechanisms of bacterial cell wall synthesis as well as the related synthetic proteins. Our recent findings revealed a novel pattern of cell wall synthesis during bacterial division, expanding our understanding of bacteria growth and protein regulation. This study is expected to provide advanced knowledge of cell wall formation for the development of new antibacterial strategies.

Yen-Pang Hsu, Fall 2015

Grant Award Recipients

Nicholas Pulliam had a poster selected as one of the outstanding posters at the Indiana CTSI 8th Annual Meeting. Nicholas has been selected to receive $1,000 toward research or education related travel or training.





Nicholas Pulliam, Fall 2016

2015 AI Award Recipients

AI Awards Recipients

L to R: Amber Yount, James Haley, Sundhar Subramanian, Heidi Schindel (not pictured)

Graduate and Professional Organization (GPSO) 2015 Research Award Winner

Ali Ozes, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, Dr. Ken Nephew Lab

2015 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Building Bridges Award Winner

Virginia Smith is being awarded for her "...awesome contributions, and helping to promote the legacy, vision, and spirit of Dr. King on the IU Bloomington campus."

For more information on the Building Bridges Award, visit their website here: