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Indiana University Bloomington

David ClemmerDavid E. Clemmer

Professor, Chemistry Department
Robert & Marjorie Mann Chair, Chemistry Department

Office: Simon Hall 120E

Phone: 812/855-8259

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B.S. Chemistry (1987, with honors) Adams State College, Alamosa, CO

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry (1992), University of Utah; Salt Lake City, UT (Advisor: Peter B. Armentrout)

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow (1992-93), Himeji Institute of Technology, Japan

Postdoctoral Associate (1993-95), Northwestern University, Evanston, IL (Advisor: Martin F. Jarrold)


Much of the research performed in our group is focused on the development of mass spectrometry (MS)-based instrumentation for examining complex mixtures of biomolecules. Efforts center on the development of techniques that employ high-efficiency gas-phase separations (ion mobility spectrometry –IMS) of mixture components prior to MS analysis. The use of IMS results in more than an order of magnitude improvement in mixture component resolution and requires shorter experimental run times. The dataset depicted below shows a two-dimensional drift time, m/z separation of peptide ion components from a human plasma digest. Current research efforts seek to improve the resolution and speed of the overall analysis by combining multiple stages of IMS separation prior to MS. This will provide the throughput necessary to perform comparative analyses (proteomics, glycomics, and metabolomics) for large populations of individuals. The aim of such work is to identify biomolecules that can be used as markers for a number of disease states.

A second research area in our group involves the use of IMS to perform conformational analyses of proteins and peptides. These studies can provide information regarding factors that influence the establishment of solution-phase structures of specific molecules. A number of experiments have shown that aspects of solution-phase conformation can be retained in the gas-phase. Thus, such experiments can also directly probe solution-phase conformations. One area of interest is that of macromolecular assembly ranging from small protein complexes to larger species such as those observed in viral assembly.

Representative Publications

Selected Publications (from 140+ peer-reviewed publications)

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