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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions from Domestic Students

Answers to commonly asked questions from Domestic Students

When is the deadline for applying?
The application priority date is December 15th.This is a priority date, not deadline. We will review applications received after the priority date; however, we recommend that you submit all application materials by the stated priority date in order to guarantee maximum consideration.
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Can I be directly admitted into a faculty member's lab?
No applicant is directly admitted into a lab. Admission decisions are made by a committee. It is therefore not possible for an individual faculty member to accept an applicant into his or her lab directly. New students do not actually enter a lab until after their first semester - they must participate in a series of rotations through three labs before they select a lab to do their research in the second semester.
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How many students are admitted into the program?
We have no way of predicting how many students will be admitted from year to year. These decisions are entirely dependent on the availability of funding each year.
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What are the institution and department codes for the GRE test scores?
The GRE Institution Code is 1324 and the Department Code is 0202.
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Are there minimum test scores in order to be considered for admission?
We do not have a minimum GRE score for admission. We can only say that our average computer based test score for students is around 1350 (verbal + quantitative), a score consistent with “Competitive Scores” listed on the Kaplan GRE scores page here. The average for the optional advanced (subject) test is a 600 or above. Taking the advanced (subject) test is not required but highly recommended.
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My GRE scores aren't great but my resume is strong. Will you still consider my application?
All supporting materials (GRE test scores, statements of purpose, letters of recommendation, and transcripts) weigh equally in the admission decision.
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Can I submit the MCAT exam score in lieu of GRE exam score?
It is preferred to submit the GRE exam scores.  If you choose to only submit the MCAT we cannot assure that you will be guaranteed full consideration for all available mechanisms of support.
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How many letters of recommendation are required to be submitted with my application?
The department requires three letters of recommendation.
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Will I be required to interview with a faculty member?
Some students are direct admitted without an interview.  However, usually students are invited to discuss their application with our faculty early in the year - usually in February or March for an information gathering interview. These are conducted either by phone or in person.
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What type of financial support will I receive?
Ph.D. students that are admitted are supported by a fellowship for the first semester of their graduate studies. In remaining semesters, students are supported either as a Research Assistant or as an Associate Instructor (AI).
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If I applied last year and was not accepted, can I apply again?
Applications are held for two years. If you are reapplying to our graduate program and you have already paid the application fee you do not need to pay it again if within two years. However, you do need to complete a new application. When you reapply, be sure to include a cover letter along with your application indicating that you are reapplying and that you would like to have your application materials updated. You should add new transcripts, scores, etc. and, if appropriate, a new statement of purpose along with your application. Feel free to add any additional materials if you feel they would enhance your chances of being accepted.
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Do you allow spring admissions?
We do not accept applications for the Ph.D. or M.S. for the spring semester due to the nature of the required course curriculum.
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What if I have more questions?
Please let us know if you have any other questions! Email us or call 812-856-1301.
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