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Indiana University Bloomington

John FoleyJohn Foley

Associate Professor, Medical Science

Office:Jordan Hall 101

Phone: 812/ 855-3189

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Ph.D. University of Cincinnati, 1993


Research in my laboratory is focused on two processes. The first is the cellular and molecular analysis of how the nipple develops and changes with pregnancy and lactation.  The long-term goal of this research is to create a strategy for regenerating this appendage in women who have had mastectomies as a result of their treatment for breast cancer.  The other major research area in my lab is the study of bone metastasis particularly as it relates to breast and lung cancer.  This work is focused on identifying the molecular signals that mediate the cross talk between the tumor cells and the bone microenvironment.  In addition, our studies with bone metastasis have developed a focus on the role of stem cells from both cancer and supporting cell lineages in coordinating the pathological cycles that lead to bone destruction.

Representative Publications

Foley J, Nickerson NK, Riese DJ, Hollenhorst PC, Lorch G and Foley, AM (2012) At the Crossroads: EGFR and PTHrP signaling in cancer-mediated diseases of bone. Ondontology 100(2):109-29.

Nickerson NK, Mill CP,  Wu H-J,  Riese ,DJ II and  Foley J. (2013)  Autocrine-Derived EGFR Ligands Contribute to Recruitment of Tumor-Associated Macrophage and Growth of Basal Breast Cancer Cells In Vivo Oncology Research 20: 303-17

Lin SJ, Foley J, Jiang TX, Yeh CY, Wu P, Foley A, , Huang YC, Cheng HC, Chen CF, Reeder B, Jee SH, Widelitz RB, Chuong CM. (2013) Topology of Feather Melanocyte Progenitor Niche Allows Complex Pigment Patterns to Emerge. Science 3Yen CM40(6139):1442-5

Koyama S.  Wu, H-J Easwaran T, Tholpady S and Foley J. (2013) The Nipple: A simple intersection of mammary gland and integument, but focal point of organ function.  J Mammary Gland Biol Neoplasia 18: 121-31

Koyama S, Sioni HA, Foley J, Novotny MV and Lai C. (2013) Stimulation of cell proliferation in the subventricular zone by synthetic murine pheromones.  Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience doi: 10.3389

Brock Guntram, de Vries L, Wu H-J, Smirin-Yosef P, Nurnberg G, Laovsky I, Ishida LH, Thierry P, Wieczorek D, Nurnberg P, Foley J, Kubisch C, Basel Vanagaite, L.  Homozygous truncating PTPRF mutation causes athelia Human Genet DOI 10.1007/s00439-014-1445-1

Koyama S, Sioni HA, Foley J, Novotny MV and Lai C (2014) Pheromone-induced cell proliferation in the murine subventricular zone. Biochemical Society Transactions 42: 882-885

Chen CF, Foley J, Tang PC, Li A, Jiang TX, Widelitz RB, Chuong CM (2014) Development regeneration and evolution of feathers Annual Reviews 3: 1-43

Wu H-J, Easwaran T, Offutt CD, Spandau DF, Koyama S, Foley J. (2015) Expansion of specialized epidermis induced by hormonal state and mechanical strain. Mechanisms of Development accepted