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Indiana University Bloomington

Clay FuquaClay Fuqua

Professor, and Associate Chair for Research, Biology

Office: Jordan Hall 425E

Phone: 812/856-6005

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Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1991
Postdoctoral Fellow, Cornell University, 1991-95


Multicellular Interactions of Bacteria

Representative Publications

Clay, K. O. Klyachko, N. Grindle, D. Civitello, D. Oleske and C. Fuqua. 2008. Microbial community ecology of ticks: Prokaryotic diversity, distribution and interactions in the lone star tick, Amblyomma americanum. Mol. Ecol. 73:4371-4381.

Cicirelli, E.M., H. Williamson, K.M. Tait and C. Fuqua. 2008. Acylated homoserine lactone signaling in marine bacterial systems. In eds. S.C. Winans and B.L. Bassler, Chemical Communication Among Bacteria, ASM Press, Washington, D.C., p. 251-272.†

Steiner, F.E., R.R. Pinger, C.N. Vann, N. Grindle, K. Clay, and C. Fuqua. 2008. Infection rates of Anaplasma phagocytophilum variants, Babesia spp, Borrelia burgdorferi and the Ixodes scapularis endosymbiont in Ixodes scapularis from Indiana, Maine, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. J. Med. Entomol. 45:289-297.

Fuqua, C. 2008. Agrobacterium-host attachment and biofilm formation. In T. Tzfira and V. Citovsky (eds) Agrobacterium, From Biology to Biotechnology. Springer Scientific Publishing (In Press).

Mohamed, N., E.M. Cicirelli, J. Kan, F. Chen, C. Fuqua and R.T. Hill. 2008. Diversity and quorum sensing signal production of Proteobacteria associated with marine sponges. Environ. Microbiol. 10:75-86.

Merritt, P.M., T. Danhorn and C. Fuqua. 2007. Motility and chemotaxis in Agrobacterium tumefaciens surface attachment and biofilm formation. J. Bacteriol. 189:8005-8014.

Danhorn, T. and C. Fuqua. 2007. Biofilm formation by plant-associated bacteria. Annu. Rev. Microbiol. 61:401-422.

Klyachko, O., B.D. Stein, N. Grindle, K. Clay and C. Fuqua. 2007. Localization and visualization of a Coxiella-type symbiont within the lone star tick Amblyomma americanum. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 73:6584-6594.

Chen, G., P.D. Jeffrey, C. Fuqua, Y. Shi, and L. Chen. 2007. Structural basis for anti-activation in bacterial quorum sensing.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci, USA 104(42):16474-16479 (Track II).

An, D., T. Danhorn, C. Fuqua and M.R. Parsek. 2006.  Quorum sensing and motility mediate interactions between Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Agrobacterium tumefaciens in biofilm co-cultures. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci, USA . 103:3828-3833† (Cited as a Recommended Read by Faculty of 1000).